Box Of Secrets! #GlasgowLife

A little bird once said to me
You gotta live a little till your happy
If you take a lot you will be left with none

I had to learn a bit, live a bit
let it all sink in a bit
To have a plan and keep with it
make a path and stick to it

Open up ur box of secrets
Take one out for me

That’s the problem with partying late on a Saturday …

You sleep most of Sunday!

The last Saturday before Christmas and Glasgow was jumping.

Curry with my mate and loved the gig, crashed a corporate Christmas party at The Radisson, danced til 2, drinking til 4, then hours waiting on a taxi.

Waking up at my usual time was a mistake, not that you’re capable of doing much .. apart from the obvious ..

What? .. I still had a pulse!

Christmas shopping fell by the wayside .. Just as well I had picked up a few armfuls on Saturday .. Including somewhat selfishly a couple of nice wee things for yours truly!

Well if you can’t be good to yourself …

Been sleeping on and off the rest of the day, watched my team getting grubbed by Dundee United .. Time up Ronnie.

Chided myself for taking pleasure in the tragi-comedy act on the other side of the city as the “best young manager in Scotland” gets his marching orders. To be fair some of the comments on Twitter are hilarious but a bit personal too. Laughing at someone else’s misfortune doesn’t sit well with me, although I’m sure Super Salary won’t be too upset collecting his 750k salary for a years gardening leave.

It’s The Rangers AGM tomorrow, sure to bring more hilarity and I wonder what secrets will come out?

4am, can’t sleep, watched the football and American Hustle .. Both were entertaining nonsense .. But one was shit and Amy Adams was hot in the other.

Now messing around on my new Spotify account, came across this tune on the Electric Swing playlist .. Makes me want to dance!

Up at 645 .. Going to be a long night!!


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