The Platform Lovers – Rhythm?

Charles is holding himself above Carla/Geraldine, kissing and sucking each breast in turn as he fucks her with deliberately short, firm strokes.

His shaft is rubbing against her clit to a steady beat .. in .. deep,, pushing against her vulva,, rolling his hips sideways, because she loves that little roll, the bottom of his shaft stroking her clit then pulling out slowly but not too far,

Just enough to keep the rhythm.

In .. deep .. thrusting .. rolling.

Deep ..

Thrust ..

Roll ..


Deep .. Thrust .. Roll .. Repeat.

The beat quickens as Carla/Geraldine gets close to another orgasm. She has her arms wrapped around his shoulders, sometimes his neck, pulling him towards her. She’s lost in the moment, her head back, her eyes staring intently at some far off place or rolling upwards.

He’s whispering in her ear .. “Tell me I can do anything?”

“You can do anything” she moans, lifting her face to smother him with kisses, but he pulls away not wanting his movement curtailed.

“I fucking love that” he breathes, kissing her passionately on the lips, forcing his tongue down her throat and fucking her just a little bit harder, her grip tightening as her moans increase.

“I can feel you getting bigger” only because he has.

Sex is as much in the mind as the body and just knowing he can do anything he wants with her is such a turn on.

Suddenly, without notice, he pulls out, kneeling above her, he grabs her right ankle with his right hand and lifts it above his head, causing her right hip to rise, his left hand pushes it firmly but gently pushes to his right, flipping her over.

Now he’s on top of her, his legs outside of hers, his weight holding her down.

His hands are moving her hair aside, pushing her face into the pillow, biting her neck as he roughly pushes his hard cock inside her.

The first few thrusts are rough and fast, letting her feel the passion rushing through him.

She gasps loudly as his cock is plunged inside her, the shock and change of angle hitting her hard.

But he’s burning too much energy to keep this pace. He slows to a gallop .. then to a steady rhythm. Feeling himself getting closer, enjoying each stroke as he now fucks her purely for his own pleasure.

He’s pushing himself up off the bed with his right hand, holding her down with his left, then putting his hands on her hips and moving backwards to a kneeling position, pulling her with him, keeping his cock locked deep inside her.

From this position he can really appreciate Carla/Geraldine’s womanly body. The round white cheeks of her shapely bottom, curvaceous, soft, but firm.

That’s the thing about a woman’s ass .. or her shape in general .. it’s the in’s that make the out’s interesting … she’s really got to have a waist .. even if she is carrying a few extra pounds, who cares?

Besides, if you have read any books on Human Behaviour, it’s a proven scientific fact that a hip-to-waist ratio of around 71% makes a woman incredibly attractive to men and they can’t keep their eyes off their butt.

Her hair is falling around her face and he pulls it back, gathering it in his hands making a ponytail that he can use for extra traction.

He can see her face in the mirror staring back at him .. a far off stare, her mouth wide as she moans with each thrust.

Charles loves this angle, watching Carla/Geraldine’s ample breasts bouncing together, slapping each other as they fuck each other steadily. He moves his right hand around to cup her breast and squeezes her nipple as he fucks her.

He’s placed the camera strategically, not without more than a little trial and error, It’s positioned so that he can see himself fucking her from behind and also her face in the mirror.

With Charles absolutely nothing happens by accident and he always likes to think ahead.

He appreciates his camerawork as he watches the movies of both women on the laptop, he’s stroking himself harder,, feeling himself getting closer to orgasm.

“I’m getting closer” he repeats, feeling the nerves in his cock directly connected to the pleasure centre in his head, each thrust releasing a little more of of those magic endorphins .. his drug of choice, better than alcohol or tobacco ..

Thrust, hit …

Thrust, hit ..

Little pulses of pleasure running from his cock to his brain and back again.

He’s pulling her ponytail with his left hand, his right on on her hip, squeezing her womanly curves, pulling her towards him, then pushing her away.

All that matters now is the moment and he’s lost to it, his eyes rolling as he fucks Carla/Grenadine as hard and fast as possible, burying his cock inside her with every thrust.

She’s almost screaming as he comes, pushing his cock as deep as i will go, holding it, feeling his spunk empty inside her, then pulling out and fucking her hard again, each thrust emptying just a little bit more cum inside her.

The pleasure is so intense that he’s too sensitive to move, he’s holding himself inside her, fully locked and unloaded. Feeling his cock throbbing hard, that major vein pulsing as she squeezes her pussy around him, moving her hips involuntarily, enjoying the sensation as his hard-on subsides a little and empties inside her.

He enjoys her backward pushes as it keeps the feeling going in those moments when he couldn’t move if his life depended on it.

His heart is pounding and he’s breathless, he drops his face onto her back, resting, gulping some air, then kissing her neck and her mouth as she turns to kiss him.

Charles watching it back has already came, pulling his shirt open and shooting his spunk over his stomach, stroking himself gently but firmly until the last few drops have emptied, squeezing them from the tip of his cock, then rubbing his semen around his bell-end, enjoying the last sensations as it throbs and relaxes in his hand.

After a few moments to relax, he closes the movie files and heads up to bed.

He sneaks in beside Michelle quietly, he doesn’t want to disturb her. He could do without the 50 questions about his whereabouts tonight.

Now lying in the dark, he’s reflecting on Carla and Geraldine and the fun they’d had. That was fantastic, there’s just something really satisfying about watching yourself fuck a woman’s brains out.

Even better if you watch yourself fuck two women at the same time. He’d definitely have a threesome for real once he and Alistair got to Vegas.

But right now, he feels horny again and wonders if Michelle would be up for it?

First part of sequence here


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