The Platform Lovers – Anything?

Back on the screen, Carla/Geraldine is lying on the bed, her legs wide, fingering herself as directed while he zooms in on her pussy.

Charles both on camera and watching the recording, is masturbating in long slow strokes, feeling the power of his hard cock pulsing in his hand.

He loves looking at beautiful women holding their pussies wide open for him,

Is there any finer sight to see .. apart from in the flesh?

“Hold it wide” he implores “I want to see right inside you”

And she does, because they always do, holding her pussy lips wide and pushing her finger inside, fucking herself with it as instructed.

He loves looking at her eyes, knowing how turned on she is. She loves looking at his hard cock as he strokes himself knowing that he’s going to fuck her brains out soon.

Charles always makes sure they go home with a smile on their face … occasionally her pussy will ache .. occasionally she’ll have a limp.

But they’ll always come back for more.

Charles puts the camera back down on the tripod and goes down on her, holding her lips apart and slowly licking on her clit, like a cat with the cream, but it’s her that’s purring.

Pussies, just as different as breasts, nipples and butts .. Or even faces.

Big lips, small lips, long or short openings, but there was always something in common.

It’s all about placement and rhythm, licking her clit while fingering her G spot, don’t go too fast, just keep it smooth, regular, she’ll let you know when she needs you to up the tempo.

It’s a pretty good hint, when she’s lifting her pelvis off the bed and pushing his head into her pussy as her breathing gets shallow and her moans increase.

And he keeps at it, his face covered with her wetness, licking her clit in long strokes from the tip of her opening to the top of her hood .. His tongue inside her for the briefest of moments tasting her, feeling that puffiness of arousal, then tracing the groove to her clit,
Flicking it, then flicking it again.

He likes to hold her clit with his lips and blow, playing her like an instrument , his breath causing his lips to vibrate, like the oboe he played at school many years ago, it always seemed to hit the right note then and from the noises she’s making he can still play a tune.

She’s breathing short and hard as he holds her in his mouth, squeezing and licking her clit with his lips.

His two fingers inside her, working her just a little bit faster, bending at the knuckle, pushing on her G spot then withdrawing a little, but only a little then back hard.

“Oh my god, oh my god” she panting “oh my fucking god”

Now she’s coming, her tummy making small involuntary thrusts as she pulls his hair forcing his face into her vulva.

Half a minute later, she’s still peaking, trembling but subsiding, he’s licking her, gently, slowly, because he knows she can’t stand the pressure as each nerves fires it’s signal to her brain, her senses on overload.

She’s at the moment of cusp, the point between relaxation or wanting more, he’s judging whether she’s ready for a second orgasm, or wants to feel him inside her.

Experience has taught him to always let the girl decide, that if he takes it slow, when she’s still bubbling under then she’ll come a second time without too much effort on his part, sometimes a third time, occasionally more, by that time the girl is so dreamy she can hardly focus on his pleasure.

On this occasion, after some deep passionate kissing and a little slow touching, keeping the engine running, Carla/Geraldine both want to feel him inside her.

They are both so wet that even although Geraldine with no kids is always that little bit tighter than Carla, he slides inside her easily without that little first opening push that he usually enjoys so much.

Carla/Geraldine wraps her arms around him and pulls him towards her .. Her lips are wet and open, covering him in kisses. He likes that they can taste themselves when they kiss him.

It makes him feel a little dirty, but there’s something incredibly sexy about a woman tasting her own cum either from his face or his cock.

But Carla/Geraldine’s embrace is too stifling, he can barely move and he didn’t make all that effort just to come quickly without any fun.

Fun baby!

“Vision dreams of passion
painted pure white
Something of a phenomenon
almost overnight”

Fun baby .. Both Carla/Geraldine like to please, proof that the old adage holds true .. What you give to a woman, you’ll get back tenfold.

Charles knew that instinctively, always make the effort to please the woman, don’t be the same as the dumb fuck who came over with two jumps and a splash .. then fell asleep or went back to watching football .. leaving her aching, frustrated and wondering why she puts up with a useless selfish prick like him in her life.

Always please the gal and she will make it up to you big-style.

Do you think that “You can do anything” shit happens by accident?

Of course it doesn’t, it comes because, Charles, complete bastard as he is, has built trust with these women. He likes to please them and gives them what they want as far as he can.

But the reality is, he’s in a relationship with another woman and what he can give is limited for the time being.

But that’s changing and he’d be free soon.

To be continued …

First part of sequence here


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