The Platforms Lovers – Captured?

There’s just something really sexy about watching yourself back on video, naked with the love of your life .. or the lust of your life .. whatever happens to be the case.

It’s a much better than the single moment in time captured by a stills camera, there you both are at your finest, she’s undressed, or maybe dressed in some sexy little number ready for action and you are standing there in your glory.

Charles often though that these videos are priceless, much better than any posed family snap, there you are, not only naked but doing what comes naturally and if you perform like he does, then it’s better than any memory you’ll have in your old age.

Pics with the kids .. look good on the sideboard or above the fire.

But Video getting naked with a collection of full-bodied women in their prime, teasing them, pleasuring them, playing games and fucking their brains out.

Charles knew what his preferred viewing would be when he was collecting the pension.

He’d already edited the videos, cutting out the crap, all that preliminary chat, both women knew what was happening here.

Strangely the games almost always followed a pattern .. like a dance routine. Not always the same timing, but most of the same steps and the build-up to a moaning, roaring, writhing climax.

His eyes darted between both screens as he undressed Carla/Geraldine as each of them stood at the foot of his bed., kissing passionately, then sucking their breasts and testing their wetness with the slightest slip of a finger. Just enough to slide inside their pussy lips and rub their clit, if it wasn’t wet then it soon would be.

He is hard and stoking himself slowly as the dance continues, Carla/Geraldine now kneeling on the floor, sucking his cock, he’s trying to push it down their throats as far as it can go, but it never happens, he’s too big for that.

Alastair says that he should try it with a hooker when they get to Vegas as these girls can get past the gag reflex. Charles was looking forward to that once he had the contracts in place, a bit of payback to Alistair for all his understanding and pushing the business his way.

But Charles had never paid for it, he never had to and never wanted to, but he might make the exception for the experience of a lifetime.

To be continued …

Previous part here ..

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