The Platform Lovers – Next!

When Carla/Geraldine are going down on him, he likes to look at their faces, as they look up, bright eyed and trying their best to please him.

If the girl has decent tits, he likes to get his cock in between them. Her full breasts wrapped around his cock, wanking him with them, then sucking him, licking him, making sure that he was wet enough to slide between them.

Of course if she doesn’t have decent tits, then the relationship never really lasts.

All those women, why would you stick with someone with no tits?

Or worse saggy droopy tits?

Empty breasts like fried eggs or spaniels ears ..

Why would you?

You don’t owe this person anything, you are not in a relationship when you’re only getting naked for the first time.

Call it sex, lust, passion .. Call it what you will, but sex and relationships are two different things.

Thing is, most of the time, you never know about the deal-breaker until you’re doing the deed.

That’s the downside of the chase.

You find the girl attractive, you like her as a person, you want to see if what’s beneath is beautiful .. or at least beautiful enough ..

Charles wasn’t looking for perfection .. but his experience was you had to get naked before you really knew someone.

What some women don’t seem to understand is , once you’ve got to that point, once the game is on, then you might as well enjoy it for what it is.

Enjoy the moment, because it would be rude not to.

But if there are deal-breaker flaws or if the sexual chemistry isn’t there, well it’s a time-limited relationship .. don’t you think?


Charles liked to think he was reasonable, he didn’t mind a little bit of gravity as long as her breasts were full .. But once her bra is on the floor, empty droopy spaniel eared tits are a deal-breaker and an immediate red card as far as he was concerned.

Yeah, Bridget Jones thought she had us guys fooled with her big pants .. but only for so long.

These wonder-bras and spandex shape-wear should come with a warning to the wearer.

WARNiNG – this underwear only fools him until you’re naked after that you are on your own.

And they would be on their own if they’d let themselves go so badly.

Yeah yeah .. Alistair had stated .. so fucking what if she had breastfed her 3 beautiful sons, .. yep we understand that .. and all credit to you .. but they weren’t our sons .. so get them sorted.

There’s nothing more disappointing to a guy than thinking that new girl has a fantastic, pert, jiggly set of breasts … Then two seconds later they dropping to the floor or flat as a pancake.

False bloody pretences .. That’s what it was and Charles and Alistair had agreed It was the woman’s own fault when they didn’t call, as the false front had only created a rod for their own back.


He and Alistair often discussed the variety of women’s breasts, they never seized to be amazed at the differences in size, shape, fullness or lack off. Then there was the variety in nipples, pink, brown, inward or sticking out like bullets with the slightest touch, like Geraldine’s who always had to wear a padded bra to the office just because every guy she passed seemed to become fixated on her protruding nipples.

Alistair and Charles both agreed that their preferences was proper brown sticky-out sensitive nipples that reacted to the slighted touch.

Sensitivity was everything were nipples were concerned. Charles liked to get a reaction before he went anywhere near downstairs.

Sometimes that was just enough to start the fire, sometimes the girl was getting close to orgasm just from having her nipples sucked.

Carla would confess that her nipples were so sensitive that if a guy got as far as getting his lips around them then she’d be putty in his hands. Any guy who had got that far and took his time to tease her, roll his tongue around her nipples, licking each one in turn until she was so aroused was guaranteed getting in her panties.

If she happened to be wearing any!

She loved having her nipples sucked, she’d tell anyone that it almost made her orgasm, but it never had, anytime they’d been so close, she demanded to be fucked and Charles was always delighted to oblige.

Geraldine on the other hand was much more demure, just because she”d enjoyed a bit of a snog and you’d had your hand inside her bra, didn’t mean you were on to a sure thing .. well not at first anyway .. but with a few glasses of wine there was no stopping that girl.

Next! 🙂

To be continued …

First part of this sequence here ..

That guy Charles is one dirty lying cheating opinionated self absorbed uncharitable fucker ..

But his day is coming and soon!


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