The Platform Lovers – Weird?

Charles started up the laptop .. who would be tonight’s entertainment?

Carla or Geraldine?

Why not both .. he thought, clicking on the .mov files of both of women, then undoing his belt, unbuttoning his fly and pulling his jeans down to his ankles.

He smiled to himself, tonight had went well with Carol Ann and he was meeting Monica for lunch tomorrow, maybe this time next week he’d have a couple of new movies in his collection.

He was already stiffening as both movies opened, then arranged them on the screen so that he could watch them simultaneously.

What he liked about these two ladies amongst the many in his collection was that they didn’t mind being filmed openly and would do anything to please him.

That really turned him on … anything? .. everything?

That may be, but he never really pushed it as he prided himself that he wasn’t really into anything weird .. that would be pathetic!


Define weird.

Weird is like beauty … it’s in the eye of the beholder.

You know the stuff he means, that weird shit on Sexcetra, grown men dressed up as babies, wearing over-sized diapers and pissing themselves, then being spanked for it, just so that they could suck on “mummies” tits and pay handsomely for the pleasure .. that’s just weird!

Or those other jokers with full body PVC suits pumped up with air and looking like the Michelin man, complete with gas mask .. WTF.

Or …

Oh .. you like that kind of thing?


Charles would the first to admit that he liked a bit of soft-bondage, nothing too serious. Nothing that you couldn’t escape from if you really wanted to.

He took some pride that despite these urges to dominate and control, he only wanted to give pleasure and didn’t actually want to hurt anyone,

That would be just wrong.

But it was amazing how pleasurable a little pain can be at just the right moment.

You know what I mean, that little sharp spank hard on your bottom just as you are getting near to orgasm .. you love it .. don’t pretend you don’t.

Or maybe while he’s fingering you from behind, your hands on the bed and your ass up in the air.

He’s standing at the side of you, one hand placed firmly on your back and the other between your legs, stroking your pussy with his fingers, feeling how wet it is, slipping a finger inside you and slowly running it along the length of your pussy, then telling you how he’s going to fuck your brains out ..

And you know that he means it .. because he did it last time and the time before that .. t

Then he suddenly slaps you on the behind.

Don’t tell me that it’s not delicious

To be continued …

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