Train Stories – Colleagues!

730pm and the train is empty.

It’s the second Friday before Christmas, most people have fucked off early, worked from home or stayed out in town with colleagues.


I was supposed to meet friends in Edinburgh but it’s been a long week and I couldn’t be arsed.

My ex colleagues are out in Glasgow. That sounded like a better gig .. Until Alex texted me at 5pm and couldn’t put a sentence together.


Might give that a miss!

5pm and I’m clock watching wanting to go home. …

When those bastards that I work for start bringing in beer, cider, wine, pizza, nipples … Did I say nipples? .. Obviously I meant nibbles … and all sorts of other goodies.


Just when I was wanting to go home early!!


Now 730pm, 4 beers to the wind and I’m thinking … Wonder what Alex and the boys are up to??



Would you believe that the legendary Martha Reeves and the Vandellas are playing Glasgow tomorrow night?

Got nowhere to run to baby!
Got nowhere to hide!

4 thoughts on “Train Stories – Colleagues!

    1. Truth be known … I coukdnt really be bothered heafing into Glasgow as it wiukd have been crazy.

      My mates out drinking since lunch would be speaking a different language.

      I had a chinese takeaway with my girl Laura and watched the new version of Miracle On 34th street.

      Then fell asleep on the couch!!

      Sad but true? Not sad at all. Needed it.

      But how come its saturday and I’m up even earlier than during the week and feeling wide awake.

      Even thinking of doing an early foid shop.

      Now that wiukd be sad!


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