What Next? #PornProtest

Were you aware of the upcoming porn censorship protest?

A face-sitting porn protest outside The Houses Of Parliament to demonstrate against the recent amendment to the 2003 Communications Act.

I enjoyed this article on many levels.   It reminds us of our right for freedom of speech and free thinking (which a lot of newspapers have lost plot on) and is, of course, what The Independent was founded on.

Whilst other newspapers largely ignore this story,  or treat it as merely amusing.   The Indy take it a step further and have video showing porn acts that may be censored.

This is all about a subject that is wholly visual. So whilst not an explicit one (understandably) well done to them for not shying away from including video.

The article itself has “mass face sitting” as it’s headline.  )    And goes on to inform us that protestors are aiming to break the Guinness World Record for face sitting.

Seriously, you mean there already is one?

I can’t remember seeing that on Record-Breakers with Roy Castle and Norris McWhirter!

The protest is the protest is the brainchild of Sex Worker of the Year 2013 Charlotte Rose. And more interestingly that there is an award for Sex Worker of the Year.

Good one for the CV Charlotte!! 🙂

But there is a serious aspect.     The fact remains that the government are deciding which acts they deem morally damaging for us mere citizens.

What gives them the right to choose what we want to watch?

This face-sitting article doesn’t cover the rights and wrongs of this,  but has links to where the matter is elaborated and discussed .. links below.

We aren’t talking about the obviously unacceptable here .. for me, that goes without saying ..  so I’m not even going to go there.

Personally, most items on that list I find distasteful.  That as a father of 2 young daughters I wouldn’t want them to be subjected to .. I don’t want them or young men to think that some of these practices are “normal”.

I like to think that I’ve brought my girls up to be strong enough to tell anyone who’d like to humiliate or use them to take the highway.

I appreciate that there will be vulnerable people out who may not have the personal strength to remove themselves from a damaging relationship.   That’s an entirely different issue.

But consenting adults doing what they want and being paid for it??

Or adults choosing to watch some practices which even if you or I find distasteful or outright ridiculous .. so what .. Who are you to judge?

What next?

Where would it stop?

The most ridiculous aspect of the new Act is that it only covers porn made in the UK.  Hence it’s an absolutely pointless piece of legislation when anyone who wants to see the banned content only has to go on the internet and its available elsewhere.

Final thought – Who sit’s on these committee’s that decides what is acceptable and what is not?

For something to be outlawed,  did it have to be a unanimous vote,  or was there plea-bargaining …  okay .. you can keep the Blowjobs,  as long as I get to keep the dildos!

Fuck off!





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