A Fool In Love – A Crazy Situation?

A fool in love – a crazy situation
Her velvet glove knocks me down and down and down

Her kiss of fire – a loaded invitation
Inside her smile she takes me down and down and down

Her moves look good – a touch of desperation
From where I stood she turned my head around, round and round

Oh, I’m burning in love – a strange infatuation
White cold cold touch – what must I do, do, do

29 Palms – Robert Plant

I heard that song the other night,  sitting with friends,  enjoying their taste in music,  largely different from my own but opening new and old avenues.

I hadn’t heard the song for ages and had  forgotten .. or hadn’t realised just how sensual it is ..  it’s been playing in my head ever since.

I bet that they weren’t thinking what I was thinking.

Watching her ass as she struts her stuff,  a little bit of Salsa,  then I’m breathing hard behind her,  watching her face in the mirror as the passion changes her expression.

A fool in love,  a crazy situation.

It’s now a cold, grey Monday,  sitting at my desk,  but the memory  is pulsing in my chest and I’m hard and throbbing thinking about her.

It’s difficult to pretend that I’m working when my mind is elsewhere,  a different situation that takes me down and down and down.

Robert Plant,  such a talented Rock God,  before my time,  but something’s are just timeless.


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