The Platform Lovers – Patience.

Dirty lying bastard .. thought Michelle as Charles closed the bedroom door behind him.

Now she knew exactly what he was getting up to while he was downstairs, pretending he was watching tv.

The sleazy prick could keep up this illusion of a relationship and be as friendly as he liked. But the marriage was over as far as she was concerned and it made her feel physically sick to think that he had been bare-faced lying to her for so long.

She partially blamed herself for it, not that it helped and she wondered how could she have missed all the telltale signs when they seem so obvious now?

But Charles was as devious as they come.

Earlier today, Michelle had met Monica from the investigations agency for a progress update on the monitoring equipment that had been installed in Charles den downstairs.

Monica’s colleague Alex had been accessing the router records and the recorded images of Charles in his study and they’d laid his deceit down to Michelle in straight-forward factual terms, providing a document of dates, times, websites visited and photographic evidence of all activity.

Michelle listened intently as Monica listed each item in ascending order of offence.

1 – Regularly visited porn sites.
2- Regularly visited dating sites and had a paid subscription to and a free subscription of POF
3 – Frequently dated other women including two within the past week.
4 – Had rented a flat where he took these woman and pretended to be single.
5 – Has a collection of home-made porn with women that he had been both openly and secretly filming.
6 – Frequently masturbated to the above.
7 – Has a number of bank accounts that Michelle hadn’t listed in the known accounts.
8 – Has a bank account in a new company that Michelle wasn’t aware of.
9 – Had emails indicating that he was secretly negotiating contract placement with the new companies.

By the time Monica had finished her update, Michelle had passed from shock, to tears, to a sickening feeling of numbness deep in the pit of her stomach.

There were various videos of him and Geraldine naked, videos of God knows how many other women. It made Michelle want to retch.

But although the proof of his cheating was bad enough. The worst part was the revelation that he was stealing from her. After all she had done to help him get on in the world. Now he was defrauding her and secretly planing to steal her business from under her.

Charles and Alistair, what a pair of well-matched rats they made.

They were covering each others arses, living the life, fucking as many women as possible and comparing notes.

Oh what fun they had.

Brothers in deceit, all that fucking about, pretending to be at business meetings, when all this time they had a game plan.

Michelle had read the emails at least three times, she knew that the company Alistair worked for was preparing to place contracts with Charles’s new company. Alistair was manipulating the bids, ensuring that Charles won the contract for a kickback and a share in the spoils.

Monica had been very sympathetic. She’d worked on many complicated divorce proceedings but this was by far the seediest. Charles had been living The Life Of Reilly at Michele’s expense and with the help of Alistair putting the contracts his way, he would be set up for the future.

Fortunately the meeting had taken place out of the office away from any colleagues who may have seen her so upset.

But now listening to the tv downstairs, knowing full well that he was probably in the den watching home-made porn, the hardest part was to ignore it, to play along and stay friendly when she really wanted to go downstairs, scream at him and hit him as hard as possible with the heaviest object she could lay her hands on.

But that would be too easy, that would let the cheating bastard off too lightly and he’d disappear off with his plans in place and start his new life, leaving her damaged both emotionally and financially.

She had to to ride it out for a few days more, just long enough to take corrective action. She would use the documents that Monica had provided to protect herself and make sure he didn’t steal any more from her than he had already taken.

Her instincts told her that she had to be cold hearted. That this relationship was now purely a business transaction and she couldn’t allow her emotions to get in the way, even although that is easier said than done.

She rolled over in the darkness and told herself for what seemed like the hundredth time, just a few more days, be patient.

Her heart was broken, her tummy was in a knot and she knew it would be a long night.

But somewhere in her head a little voice was whispering .. Be strong.

Patience is a virtue and revenge is a dish best served cold.

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3 thoughts on “The Platform Lovers – Patience.

  1. God boy, what are you doing to us? Michelle can’t wate a few more days , how the hell are we the readers going too !!!!

    Great reading Mx ….. Just hope she gets some sort of revenge in time for Santa 😉

    1. Glad you are enjoying the story as I’m enjoying setting him up for a fall.

      Without giving anything away, cos I’m still making it up .. a while ago I wrote that he was booking a hotel room for him and Monica …


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