#Madonna’s Nipples!

What do you make of the fuss about Madonnas latest photo shoot were she exposes her nipples in one sultry shot for interview magazine?

My first impression .. Without having seen the pics .. Who gives a fuck?

It’s not as if we haven’t saw them before, is it?

Those little drop the sweetheart top single frames in Papa Don’t Preach for example.

Caught me looking eh! 🙂

Seriously .. What’s the fuss?

Some world-class attention seeker shows a little bit of breast and people give her the attention she seeks.

I suppose that includes me!

But even as a confirmed cynic, you have to look to have an informed point of view.

Besides, what red blooded guy doesn’t like to look a fine set of breasts when the opportunity presents itself?

Even if they weren’t so fine and you didn’t want to touch, you still want to look.


Anyone who says different is lying.

So, I had a wee look and got to say, the pics themselves are gorgeously shot, tasteful, mostly erotic but a little bit ridiculous too … the head cage with the flower in particular.

Yeah I get it, hard and soft, ironic, yawn!

Madonna herself at 56 years of age looks fantastic, but the cynic in me says so would most women her age, if they had her body shape and the pics were subtly lit, discreetly dressed and a little airbrushed.

But that’s a big IF!

So let me stop you right there, most 56 year old ordinary working women, with families and jobs don’t get to look that good.

Life and time can be unkind.

But you have to make the most of what you’ve got and madonna is certainly doing that.

Once upon a time, I bought an erotic boudoir photo shoot as a Christmas gift for a girlfriend of mine. It was all very tastefully done, professional make up, female photographer, I wasn’t even allowed in the studio at the time.

She really enjoyed the day, getting dressed up and being treated as a princess, it was pretty special.

But there were deep sobbing tears a few weeks later, when we went to look at the results.

The camera can be harsh, despite all the subtle lighting, her faults were out on display and she cried her eyes out.

It didn’t help that the studio was full of these airbrushed shots of other gorgeous women and she measured herself against them.

No amount of my .. but I think you look fantastic .. helped. She was already beating herself up.

Intelligent self aware people are their own worst critics. No matter what other people say, the worst comments are internal.

But, I was determined, held her hand and she picked a few shots.

A couple of weeks later, we collected the shots and she was delighted with them.

Madonna, who cares!

Just do whatever makes you happy, remember the camera can be harsh but photoshop is wonderful.

— the madonna interview and pics can be found in link below.



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