Black Friday – Thinking Out Loud!

Thank feck it’s Friday … Yeee-haaa!

Been a long week .. trains disrupted, getting clamped .. I want a beer .. or 6.

Black Friday seems to be taking hold in the UK . .. but don’t believe the hype.

The shops were jam-packed full of bargain shit that you really don’t want, not the good stuff that you do.

They were also full of people going absolutely mad for the bargains, losing the plot, getting violent and refusing to leave even although all the stock was gone.


How desperate do you need to be, to be waiting outside a shop half the night to be at the front of the queue?

Just to save a few quid .. are you kidding?

Me .. I was interested in one of these 4K Ultra HD tvs, not that I actually need one.

But as you know want and need are 2 different things

I’ve been looking for a while and hanging around John Lewis at weekends .. making up my mind, decided on a Sony as you can’t really go wrong with Sony, it’s a bit more expensive than the Samsung or LG but has the latest HVEC codec to make it future proof.

But none of these 4K tvs were included in today’s deals .. funny that!

I will admit to being kind of glad as my sensible side says don’t be stoopid .. you’ve already got 2 big HD tellies and hardly watch them.

But I want one!

Tonight, going to my ex-works night out in Glasgow .. looking forward to catching up with everyone.

My mate Alex will be there, not seen him for a while .. so could be carnage!

A couple of tunes for today .. love this Tom Odell tune .. as featured in the John Lewis Christmas advert … very melancholic, sad, but positive .. going to teach myself that on piano.

Love this Ed Sheeran song Thinking Out Loud ..  totally agree with the message .. people fall in love in mysterious ways.   The girl in the video is gorgeous.

And how about this poppy rubbish from back in the day by Wang Chung .. always makes me smile.


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