Wherever I Lay My Hat?

Just listening to Radio 2,  as you do when you’re working!!

Jeremy Vine playing the new single by Boyzone – Wherever I lay My Hat ( That’s My Home )

The song,  originally written and released by Marvin Gaye in 1962 was part of my growing up in 1983 when released by the very handsome Paul Young.

It brought back a few memories,  not least meeting the man in Newcastle back in 1984,  when I spent the year working as a young engineer at Swann Hunter Shipyards building the Ark Royal aircraft carrier.

A couple of hundred Glasgow guys living in Whitley Bay . .. what a hoot!

Working the nightshift,  starting at 7pm,  getting the work done for 12 then if we could  jumping the wall and going dancing.

One night me and my mate John went to the grab-a-granny at The Royal Hotel in Whitley Bay,  few beers, good laugh, especially as were still on the clock.

On the way back walking along the lower prom,  John decides to go skinny-dipping in the North Sea.

He’s like  .. are you coming? ..  Aye right!

So I’m standing there as he runs down on to the beach,  then dives into the water and is rolling round in the surf.

Hmmm .. I’m thinking .. this is too good an opportunity to miss!

So I grabbed his clothes and ran back to the hotel .. which was about half a mile away up South Parade.

When I got there I battered every bedroom door on the way up to the room .. just so the other guys could share his dilemma as he came running up the street naked.

He was going to kill me!!

Happy daze!!

Don’t know about you,  but the Paul Young version is still the best.

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