The Good Life Project – Looking Up!

Last night, I watched this fantastic interview with Milton Glaser, the designer who, amongst other things, created the iconic I❤️NY logo.

It’s one to watch when you’ve got a spare 45 mins, definitely not a quick flick. And, in my view, well worth the time. Full of great observations on creativity, technology, learning and life.

He’s clearly a very talented, highly intelligent, yet unassuming man.

I like him a lot.

There’s a bit in it when the interviewer talks about technology being both a connector – with those far away, to deep pockets of knowledge – and a disconnecter – from those in our immediate circle, from what’s right there in front of us.

That’s very true. You see it with friends and families all the time, sitting together but all on their iPads or mobiles.

It reminded me of an excellent video poem I saw few months ago, about how we should look up from our phones and take in the world around us. You may have seen it too.

Anyway, here are both links if you’d like to watch:

Milton Glaser, the good life project:

Look up:

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