#nowtv – Bargain Christmas Viewing.

You may be aware that I don’t really watch a lot of tv, life’s far too busy for that.

But late at night, I’ll have a browse, see what’s on, do a bit of catch-up, maybe watch a box-set such as Homeland or Breaking Bad.

I have Netflix which for £6m per month isn’t bad value, particularly if you use a VPN to access US content taking the amount of viewable movies from 4k to 20k. Instructions for this here below.


At the weekend, I came across the following deals for Now TV, which is part of the SKY network.

Personally, I refuse to give SKY the money for their full entertainment package. This is currently £42pm for movies and sports with another £10 to make that HD and a further £10 for each set-top box that you want enabled.

That all adds up and as I’m not particularly interested in sports apart from when Celtic are playing then it’s just not economic.

However .. the current deal with Now TV is that for £20, you get one tiny box plus 2 months access to the all live SKY movies plus lots and I mean lots of other current and classic films on demand. The choice is more current and better quality than Netflix it has to be said.

But even better than that, for this 20 quid, you get to register 4 devices and watch on 2 at any given time.

That means my son can use it on his PlayStation or I can watch on my apple tv in the living room or the girls in the tv room etc .. obviously 2 of us viewing movies simultaneously.

With Christmas coming and with more time to sit down and watch a movie, I think that’s a pretty fantastic deal.

To make it even better, there is an alternative option to buy a box with a 4 month movies pass for 35 quid which is fantastic.

However, why not buy 2 boxes, with 2 month passes for £40 and as the passes are not concurrent, register only one pass at a time, then you’ll have 2 sets of boxes plus your other devices, iPad etc. viewing full SKY movies for 4 months.




Loving this new song by The Script


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