The Platform Lovers – Kisses And Liars.

Carol Ann stared at John’s text with a look of incredulity.

Her date, Gordon was just arriving back from the bar with their second round of drinks and noticed that her face had changed.

He caught her eye for a second and mouthed “is everything okay?”

Carol Ann nodded, still intently focused on her phone.

She composed her response in less time than she had taken to read the text twice.

“I’ve already given you a chance and you blew it. So please let me get on with my life and don’t contact me again”

She hit send and put the phone back down on the table.

“It was my ex-husband asking if we could try again”

Gordon smiled a knowing smile, he already knew Carol Ann’s story from their stream of pre-date emails and messages.

He liked to get to know the woman he was meeting,  it was easier to build a rapport of you could empathise with them.  He had seen this so many times previously Ex-husbands, partners or boyfriends wanting back after they realise that the grass isn’t always greener.

Despite the look on her face,  he asked the obvious question.

“What did you tell him?”

“What do you think I told him?”

For a moment their eyes locked, he waited for her to finish without putting words in her mouth.

“I politely told him to go away and don’t contact me again”

“I’m glad to hear it” he replied and leaned over the table, pulling her face to his and kissed her softly yet passionately on the lips.

Carol Ann was surprised at this but went with the flow, it had been a long time since she’d had a full on snog and there was no point denying herself for too much longer.

The kiss lasted less than 30 seconds but it was enough to confirm interest from both parties.

As she sat back in her seat Carol Ann was aware of a faint tingling in her pussy, a slow burning ache that she hadn’t experienced for what seemed like forever.

She looked over at Gordon, he was a handsome man, tall good looking with manly features.  He was charming and a good listener and seemed to understand how women think.

“That was unexpected” she smiled.

“It was unexpected for me too,  but I just couldn’t help myself,  you are a very attractive woman and I’m really enjoying getting to know you.

I’m enjoy getting to know you too”   and she smiled inside,  a combination of enjoying the moment and feeling relieved that things were going well.

First dates are such hard work,  but this seems to be going much better than the one that she’d had on Saturday night.

Her first date in a long time,  she’d made the effort,  had her hair done,  bought a new dress,  new shoes,  told her best friends how excited she was to be meeting this good looking guy for cocktails.

Unfortunately that date has lasted all of 30 minutes, long enough for a coffee and a polite chat,  but she’d lost any sense of romance the moment that he showed up looking nothing like his photographs.

The guy seemed interested,  but she couldn’t hide her disappointment and wasn’t in the mood for putting up with liars at this stage in a relationship.

She was so pissed off that she asked him outright were he had got the photographs from,  apparently he’d taken them from his younger cousins Facebook page.

That did it,  she picked up her bag and coat and left.

But Gordon was different,  he actually looked like his pics,  better in fact,  he was obviously intelligent, interesting and generous.  He wouldn’t let her buy a drink, saying that she could buy one next time.

Apart from that kiss which demonstrated an interest,  he hadn’t even tried to come on to her and in their earlier conversations he hadn’t been inappropriate or used any sexual innuendo.

Having been with John for so long,  she appreciated that he was a gentleman.

The conversation continued until 11pm and it was time for her to go,  there was a later train,  but it was a school night and two drinks was enough.

Gordon walked her to her platform,  close but no holding hands,  at the ticket barrier they chatted for the last few minutes before she had to go.

Was there ever any doubt that they would kiss?

Not after that that lingering kiss in the bar,  this one didn’t disappoint.

You’ve probably experienced similar moments yourself,  that will he won’t he moment .. then he leans in.

From his point of view,  he’s thinking .. will she won’t she .. then she leans in.

A few seconds of initial contact,  then both come back for air and look into each others eyes,  feeling the smile on your face and your spirits lifted.

The second kiss is more passionate,  deeper,  mouths wide,  searching, but no tongues ,  its far too soon for that.

It lasts for 30 seconds and a lifetime,  lost in the moment and not noticing the other passengers walking past.

Gordon breaks the silence .. “So I’ll see you again then?”

“Definitely,  just let me know when you are free.”

“How would you fancy dinner at mine sometime?”

“That would be lovely”  and she kisses him quickly,  heading for the barriers.

Gordon waits until she gets on the train and then starts walking back through the station to where he’s parked his car.

That went well,  he thinks, a slow burner,  definitely best not to be too pushy,  it only scares the girls away.

He pulls out his mobile and texts Michelle “That’s me on the way home. Cx”

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