#ChedEvans – Guilty Or Not?

Have you been watching the fallout from the Ched Evans rape case?

He was found convicted of rape in 2012,  given a sentence of 5 years and was recently released from prison having only spent half of the sentence inside.

All this time he has claimed innocence,  saying that the sex was consensual.

The issue here is that although both parties agree that sex took place,  they disagree on whether it was consensual.

Have a read at this description of the events on the night,  Evans and his fellow footballer Clayton McDonald had booked a hotel room and went round some local nightclubs looking to procure some girls for the night.

Unsuccessful at the nightclub,  McDonald bumped into the drunk woman in the streets and she went back to the hotel room.   He then texted Evans to tell him that he had “Got a burd”

As can be seen in the hotel video, the woman was out of her face,   at some point while her and McDonald where having sex,  Evans joins in and has sex with the woman.

According to him this is consensual.

According to her it wasn’t.

Most importantly,  a jury in a court of law decided that the woman was in no state to give consent because of her drunken state.

I’d imagine the jury were somewhat influenced by the comments of Evans and in particularly the following arrogance in his statement to the police.

“We could have had any girl we wanted in that nightclub. We were drinking, having fun there. It’s not uncommon we pick up girls.   Clayton’s an attractive guy. We are footballers, that’s how it is. Footballers are rich, they have got money, that’s what the girls like.”

Can you imagine being a parent listening to the sickening details of the crime and the arrogance and lack of contrition in that statement?

As a father of two daughters,  I know that I’d be thinking .. Hang the bastard.

But .. taking my personal viewpoint out of it .. I wonder …

Why did the jury determine that the woman had given consent to McDonald but not to Evans . either she was capable of giving consent or she was not.

If she was not capable of giving consent because of her state,  then surely McDonald should have been found guilty too?

Is that not a basis for a miscarriage of justice in Evans favour?

All through the trial ,  prison sentence and since his release,  Evan’s girlfriend Natasha Massey has stood by his side.

Oh what a lovely, loyal, devoted and completely stupid desperate fool she is?

Is she so desperate to be a WAG and have that footballers wife’s lifestyle that she tolerates anything,  knowing that Evan’s had sex with this woman and the many other women that he claims are desperate for his attention.

But what of Evans now?   Has he done his time and should he be allowed to go back to his profession?

Is being a professional footballer any different from being a plumber or a joiner found guilty of the same crowd?

Well,  I’m mixed on this .. he’s done his time .. so why shouldn’t he be allowed to get on with his life?

Oh but wait .. according to Evans himself .. footballers are different.

On a balanced view,  I have absolutely no doubts that this man should never have the money,  fame or rewards that come with kicking a ball about a football pitch.   Never again should he have the opportunity to flaunt this position for adulation from gullible young women.

A sickening foot-note to the case is that there were two other men,  friends of the accused outside the window,  egging on the footballers and filming the scene on their mobile phones.

As a father,  I wonder what’s happened the world?

That young women can be so drunk and naive as to put themselves in such a vulnerable position.   That men and groups of men take pleasure in taking advantage of that vulnerability.

Has it always been so?

The ongoing trial into The Worlds End Murders from the 70s being a case in point,  two young women drinking,  then abducted raped and murdered by two men.  One now blaming the other after his death,  but conveniently he didn’t do this in the earlier trial when his co-accused could defend himself.

Evil has always been with us,  I’m sure that there is much more of it goes unreported than that which makes it to court.

Thankfully the changes in the Rape laws that consent must be actively given,  removed this scumbag for a while,  pity it wasn’t longer.
From the trial

A revisit of the case including video of the victim at the time

Comments from Evans own site on the trial including the consent issue


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