More Perspective On The Scottish League Cup. #CelticFC

The other day I gave my thoughts on the possibility of my team Celtic playing that new team from the south side of Glasgow.

Well sure as fate, it’s happened.

Am I happy about it? Am I hell.

On one hand its a game of football, like it or not, this new team have the second largest budget in Scottish football and as they rise through the leagues they will undoubtedly become our closest challenger.

I welcome any challenge, whether it be Scottish or from the European leagues, the bigger the challenge the better. So there should be excitement caused by this anticipation of rivalry.

And there would be if the challenge remained on the football pitch.

This new club at face-value may be just another football team to be faced and conquered on the field of play.

But “The Rangers” reason for being isn’t about football, it’s about hatred.

Football is simply the mechanism that facilitates certain low life being able to congregate and pour out their sectarian and racist bile.

As individuals that’s bad enough but their voice dissolves within society as a whole. The authorities will deal with any individual who is stupid enough to spout their hatred.

But the authorities seem to have a blind spot and an inability to deal with this hatred when it’s right there in front of them in a football stadium

They refuse to deal with it, therefore they condone it by their inactions.

The direct consequence of this unbridled hatred is people get hurt. After any previous football match between Celtic and Rangers the cells and casualty wards were full of the overflow from this hatred.

Over the past couple of years since Rangers were liquidated, Scottish football has been adapting to the lack of blue pound.

Smaller clubs like Hamilton, Motherwell have flourished. Two of the historically top teams Hearts and Hibernian were relegated because the smaller clubs upped their game.

Statistically attendances are up for most clubs with the obvious exception of Celtic Park, largely because of the lack of challenge, but also because of the football being gash and a growing chasm between the suits in the boardroom and the ordinary supporters.

Would I welcome “The Rangers” back to provide that challenge?

Yes, but not at any cost.

Not when I’m going to be subjected to their songs of hatred.

Not when the streets around the stadium are heavily policed but making a wrong turn can end up being in a hospital ward.

Or the city centre is a no-go zone because of the potential of violence.

No thank you.

I considered ending there, but the reality is, this is happening, come January the streets around Hampden will be full of it.

Later the city centre will be full of it, the wrong colours can be fatal.

On the outskirts away from the heavy police presence, in pubs what started as friendly banter ends in violence.

The incidents of domestic violence are at their highest after these games.

Statistically there has been an average of one death per game as a consequence of these historic Neanderthal outpourings.

For the next three months he media will tell us that Scottish Football needs this

I don’t.

Glasgow doesn’t either.

How much does this policing and hospital staff cost the public purse?

For what?

A game of football? Are you having s laugh?

22 overpaid men wearing shorts running around a bit of grass causes this amount of turmoil, carnage and violence?

Check the videos below, dirty challenges designed to hurt the opponent, feigned hurt to get an opponent sent off, outpourings of testosterone on the pitch and by the managerial staff.

Combine that testosterone with alcohol and an unhealthy dash of deep-rooted sectarian hatred and is it any wonder that the streets, pubs and even some unfortunate people’s homes aren’t safe afterwards.

Glasgow doesn’t need this.

Multicultural Glasgow doesn’t have that same demographic it used to, it doesn’t have that same Green Vs Blue simplicity.

The impact of this legacy is disproportionate to the diminishing number of people who actually care what happens on a football pitch.

Would you agree that the city’s budget would be better spent looking after the needs of its citizens, feeding it’s children, looking after its old than facilitating an expensive hate-fest?

I really hope the authorities, whether that be Police Scotland or Glasgow City Council take this viewpoint and close it down.


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