More Partners, More Sex, Less Cancer?

Did you happen to notice the rather interesting article in yesterday’s news linking the number of sexual partners that a man has with their possibility of developing prostate cancer?

It made interesting reading for various reasons ..

Cause Of Cancer

First of all .. the researchers indicated that the cause of the prostate cancer is due to the concentration of cancer-causing substances in seminal fluid.

Does that sound right to you?

How can something which is inherently natural and part of our most basic processes i.e procreation be inherently toxic?

I don’t actually believe that,   particularly as prostate cancer only really becomes prevalent in men over 50 and particularly when they are over 70.

i.e When their years of sexual reproduction are behind them and their body doesn’t function the way it used to.

I’d be open to the idea that age is a factor but I simply cannot believe that something that is so natural is cancer-causing.

The Good News

Apparently there is good news for the Casanovas out there who have slept with more than 20 women in their lives who have 20% less chance of developing the disease.

The article indicates that this reduction is due to the increased amount of sex they will have because they have an increased amount of partners .. obviously going through the lustful honeymoon period on a more frequent basis.

The article misses the possibility of a guy being with one partner or a small number of partners over his lifetime that he actually likes/loves/fancies and with whom he has lots of sex on a frequent basis?

Something wrong in that possibility?

I don’t think so!

Or what about us single guys out there who masturbate frequently?

Does that not get rid of that nasty semen?

The Bad News

Would you believe that men who have never had sex are almost twice as likely to develop the disease.

But it’s worse for the gay guys out there who have slept with more than 20 men in their life’s and are twice as likely to be diagnosed with the disease.

The article falls down at this part,  because it cannot actually determine if this rate increase is due to that bad cancer-causing seminal fluid or the possibility of other damage due to other homosexual practices.

What about the gay guys who give rather than take?


What a lot of sensationalist nonsense,  designed to draw attention to the statistical research without any definite medical conclusions and with gaps as wide as …

(  insert suitable wide thing  )


Heard this on the radio this morning .. still a fantastically sexy song.

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