Train Stories – Exercise?

She sits diagonally opposite me on the train,  this 60 year old woman,  grey cropped hair, small round features.

Not unpleasant but she does look her age.

She’s tall,  at least 5’10,  not fat but big-boned.  Size 16 and proportionate.

Her face is lined, her make-up obvious,  she’s making the effort today.

Her business clothes are wrapped in her expensive off-white Macintosh raincoat.  It’s classically cut and wasn’t bought yesterday but is stylish without being trendy.

She places her small black portfolio folder in front of her,  I can still smell that fresh leather newness.

She’s looks as if she going somewhere for the day,  an important business meeting perhaps?

She opens the folder,  half pulls out a document,  considering whether she should read it over,  then pushes it inside again.

She’s probably read this over a hundred times already.

I imagine that she’s going over the contents in her head,  practicing for the presentation ahead.

The ticket-person arrives and she asks for a return from Bellshill to Haymarket.

Her accent is undoubtedly posh,  educated,  there’s old money in there somewhere.

I’d guess that she’s a former teacher,  business person or civil servant?

The ticket-man tells her the price and she asks if this is the cheap day return.  Which it won’t be as these reduced rates don’t kick in until after the morning peak and its well before that time.

He explains that these aren’t available yet and she replies saying that it doesn’t matter as she’ll pay with her card and claim it back form The Scottish Executive.

Good for her I think,   playing her part,  taking her experience to whatever quango is looking for her viewpoint.

Part of me wishes that they’d ask more ordinary folk though.

At the same time I’m perplexed that this “posh” lady asked for a cheap day return,  money is clearly an issue for her.

The clothes,  the look,  the classiness of her attire,  it’s all a mask really,

I do think she is a classy lady, educated,  intelligent.   That doesn’t change.

But somewhere underneath that mask,  she is money conscious,  perhaps the pension isn’t paying what she thought?

I turn over the paper and there’s Rene Russo in some full page blurb for her new movie Nightcrawler.

A few pics of her looking particularly gorgeous and particularly when you consider that she has just turned sixty,  apparently she keeps her healthy look through exercise and living well.

Do you remember how she sizzled in The Thomas Crown Affair,  particularly that dance scene with Pierce Brosnan?

That was 1999, 15 years ago,  she’d be 45 and HOT.

In the pics today she’s still HOT.

But I can’t help but wonder, comparing these two sixty year old women,  is the difference in their appearance based on lifestyle choices or the finances that each has available?

Fact is,  you can live well cheaply,   it costs much more to party and live the Life Of Reilly.

So the difference .. apart from genetics .. is exercise.

Then I notice she’s had some laser work on her facial skin too,  hardly intrusive and she looks great.

Makes note to self ..  more exercise required.

But then it’s difficult to maintain an exercise routine working 9 hours a day and travelling for 3.

Something has to change!!

Just had a subtle hint dropped in my ear about not wearing jeans to the office except on Fridays.

I am so outta here.


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