About The Penis?

Do you know the plural of penis?

Penises? Peni? Penes?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary ( Dick-tionary? – Ed ). the correct usage is the first and third terms above.

Hardly the kind of subject that comes up in every day conversation .. Well for most people anyway !

What kind of job would you have when you regularly use the word penises or penes?

I can’t really imagine nurses or doctors using these plurals when they would normally be referring to patients in the singular.

So what then .. pornstars?

I suppose that they often have the occasion but penises is hardly the right kind of expression used when you’re being spit-roasted.

The irony of being a straight male is that I only really know one penis.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty over the years, usually in communal showers after football or karate.

But that’s only the odd fleeting glance.

You never really look!

And never ready for action!

Not once!

So you gals will know more about the erect penis generally than us guys who know a lot about one specifically.

And dare I say that cuts both ways. If the guy actually pays attention!

There has been the odd occasion when one of the lads decides to make a show of himself.

For example when Neil explained that the reason he was completely bald and looking like a skinned chicken was that when he and his wife were having a bit of fun on Saturday they decided to trim each other and well one thing led to another and ..

Or Jim, the man with the smallest penis in the world insists on demonstrating this fact frequently.


So now you’re wondering .. Just how small is small?

How about an inch of shaft and then his bell end?

Does that sound small to you?

Can you beat that?

And does size actually matter?

Yeah yeah .. Here we go .. A couple of standard answers to that one

A – it’s not the length it’s the girth

B – it’s not the size it’s what you do with it that counts.

Personally .. Well personally is absolutely none of your business! đŸ™‚

I’m just letting my brain dump on this boring train journey back to tedium.

Well okay .. Personally I think there’s truth in both of the above.

But in my experience all girls like to feel filled and particularly a gal who only orgasms through internal stimulation.

Although I might change that as the old coital alignment of the missionary position needs a bit of length for clitoral stimulation with the shaft whilst penetrating.

So yes I’d say that size matters.

On the flip side – can a guy be too big?

Hhhhmmmm ….

Almost in Edinburgh I’ll safe that for another day!

I wonder what the attractive lady sitting opposite thinks I’ve been writing about with the beaming smile on my face!

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