The Platform Lovers – Fantasies?

Charles liked looking at Geraldine,  there was just something about her womanly body that really worked for him.

That’s why he had hired her,  that and in their initial interview he had consciously picked up on her willingness to please.

That’s the thing about guys like Charles,  underneath the charming exterior,  they are control freaks,  they can’t handle a strong-willed, determined, independent woman,   who won’t put up with their bullshit,  they only want women who are subservient to them.

Of course,  Michelle wasn’t exactly delighted with such an attractive woman working so closely with him,  but the business was growing and it was her choice to stay at home looking after the kids.

Besides even now,  after she Geraldine had been sacked and the suspicions of an affair had been confirmed,  Michelle would still agree that Geraldine was good at her job and that’s what the business had needed at the time.  

It was just a pity that Charles wasn’t the type to be trusted and Geraldine was in a vulnerable state.

It hadn’t taken long before Charles’s charm had persuaded Geraldine to offer him more services than his previous PA.

A couple of genuine business trips to the big insurance companies down south, where he used the company credit card for a few expensive dinners at restaurants which could be construed a s romantic.

It started slowly,  Charles being attentive and listening to Geraldine’s woes,   with time friendship became flirting,  then one too many drinks and a good night kiss  turned into a whole lot more.

“Push them together”   He said “Try and squeeze your nipples together,  I want to see if I can get both of them in my mouth at the same time”

And Geraldine smiled and willing complied.

She always complied,  he never really knew why,  maybe it was some inherent need to have a father-figure in her life?  

He knew that she’d had loved her father and they had been very close until he passed away when she was seven and her mum had been a recluse since then shunning the attention of men although even now she was an attractive woman for her age.

Charles was aware of this history and regardless of it’s impact,  he enjoyed the dynamic between them,  her willingness to please and his desire to control,   he knew that she would do anything that he asked.   


Yes anything .. everything ..  he just had to name it and she was willing to try.

He’d enacted all of his darkest fantasies with her .. and then some.

Those early dark fantasies had been replaced by darker ones as he realised he had a willing participant in his games.

But should I share these with you Dear Reader?

Or let your own mind fill in that fantasy gap?

Think of something …  imagine your deepest darkest fantasy.

And don’t pretend you don’t have any because you do .. everyone does.

And no not that one.

That’s far too tame .. everybody has done that.

And you really thought you were the only one?

So try harder .. you are not being anywhere near pervy enough ..

Have you got it?

Hold that thought .. imagine it ..  keep it in your mind’s eye.

The memories of everything Charles ever did with Geraldine were locked in his mind,  like snapshots from long ago holidays,  his favourite moments stored on synaptic-film in the dark recesses of his brain that he never ever shared.

But Charles was a resourceful chap,  he could do better than that.

He fast forwarded the video to the part he liked best.

Above his head, the camera hidden in the PIR silently recorded his every actions.


That guy Charles really is a complete bastard … but don’t fret his fall is coming soon and it’s coming hard.

Did you notice,  that although the above is undoubtedly sexual,  there is hardly any  sexually content?

I once read an article that observed that calling someone a pervert is subjective and their imagined sins are completely dependent upon the viewer’s own perception.

One mans meat is another mans poison!!

With that in mind,  I liked the idea that when speaking of Charles’s darkest fantasies  .. its yours .. not mine that I wanted to put in your head.

Obviously I’ve no idea if that actually worked .. but I like to think that it did.


Well partly as a writing tool for creating an interaction with the reader,  but also because I think that being overly explicit cheapens what I’m trying to achieve.

Hope that makes sense?

I’ve still got the BBC version of God Only Knows playing in my head this morning!

See my blog from 2am this morning for details!

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