Train Stories – Crack?

Sipping Prosecco from a plastic bottle,  somewhere between Glasgow and Edinburgh and completely oblivious to the world outside hurtling past.

We are too busy talking about the bars we want to visit and our options for dinner.

It’s Saturday afternoon,  but we are in-between Scotland’s largest two cities and there isn’t another soul at this end of the carriage and the ticket-guy has already passed.

If it was busier,  I’d be sitting beside her, but the train is empty and conversation is better with eye contact  .. don’t  you think?

Without a word of warning,  she kicks off her left sandal and gently places her foot between my thighs.

The muscle tone on her leg is clearly visible as she stretches it across the gap in the 4 seat booth.

That commando-fit class is definitely having an effect.

Her legs are still tanned from her holidays,  long,  shapely and golden brown.

Her cocktail dress,  already cut a few inches above her knee is lifted further by her outstretched leg,  from my angle I can just see her white thong beneath.

I like that,  tanned legs,  white panties all tucked discretely away beneath her mint green cocktail dress.

She catches me looking,   of course I’m looking .. I can barely pull my eyes away.

She holds my eye for a moment and then slowly parts her thighs so that I can have a better view.

I like that,  sexy but discreet,  angelic but dirty,  what else could a guy want?

Is this what they mean by an angel in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom?

I’m still looking at the lace of her underwear,  trying to turn on my x-ray vision.

I know she’s bald,  she usually gets that taken care of at the local beauty salon.

I can’t imagine many small-town guys doing that . ..

Lying face down and vulnerable as they get their crack and sack done by Big Joe down the local barbers and buftie.

Not that I have any problem with guys having a bit of personal grooming ..

But can you just imagine meeting Big Joe in the pub later .. how’s the crack mate?

Just when I think that my x-ray vision is working  ..

Suddenly she straightens her leg plunging the ball of her foot hard against my groin.

The pain causes a sharp intake of breath as she harshly squeezes my erection against my abdomen.

She’s smiling,  that was deliberate.

Fortunately,  she’d finds her touch and relaxes the pressure,  resting her foot on the seat, stroking me slowly as she twists her ankle left and right ..

Right and left.

There’s a smile on my face .. but it’s uncertain.

I’m wondering if I should mention the CCTV camera above my head?


Heard this song Shiver and Sigh by Joanne Shaw Taylor on the radio, her voice reminds me of Joss Stone,  I like it a lot.


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