Sleeping On the Sofa Too!

A friend of.mine tells the story of being out late one Friday night dancing and drinking.

She came home slightly worse for wear, pulled on her nightie and made tea and toast and then fell asleep on the sofa watching TV.

The nagging ring of the doorbell woke her from her slumber at 9am the next morning.

“Who the feck is that?” She thought and rolled over thinking it would be the postie or a neighbour.

But the visitor was insistent and the rings became longer.

At that she dragged herself up from the sofa, staggered over to the door and peeped through the spy hole.

Then she remembered ..

She’d arranged for BT to fit a couple of new phone points in her bedroom and hall.

So she runs her hands down herself, to straighten up her nightie and opens the door.

Well … The guy is gorgeous!

Tall dark and handsome and straight off a diet coke advert.

Nothing like the talent she had been spotting in Glasgow on the Friday night

They exchange hellos and she tells him where she wants the new phone points,  the guys seems friendly,  but keeps giving her funny looks.

She thinks that he’s interested and keeps the chat going, offering to make him tea etc.

The guy is polite and chatty but the looks he’s giving her are getting stranger.

At this point, she goes into the bathroom to straighten herself up

Then she notices the big bit of jammy toast stuck to her head! 🙂

Almost 11am and just arrived in Edinburgh. Train broke down and a particularly nasty encounter with a little poison dwarf.

But will save that for tomorrow.

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