Won’t Somebody Dance With Me?

I’m saddened to hear of the sudden passing of the beautiful Lynsey De Paul.

As a kid,  watching Top Of The Pops on tv,  she was one of this bhoys fantasy girls.

Of course, I didn’t have a clue back then .. but she just looked heavenly.

What I do know though on reviewing a few of her famous songs,  a lot of that early 70s stuff was absolutely garbage.

I suppose you had to be there.

But she herself was undoubtedly a very beautiful, talented lady with apparently a very sharp sense of humour and a career which ranged much deeper than the couple of 70s pop hits that I knew her for.

from wiki ..

Although never married, at various times de Paul was romantically linked with Ringo Starr, Roy Wood, James Coburn, Sean Connery, Bill Kenwright, Bernie Taupin, Chas Chandler and Dudley Moore.[ Known for her sharp sense of humour, de Paul was labelled “Looney de Small” by Spike Milligan.


Did anyone ever find out if that beauty spot was real?

RIP Lynsey,  you brightened this boys early days.


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