The 5 Secret Challenge?

I was at a small birthday party last night,  sitting with family, my cousin showed me a thing that they are doing on Facebook about a 5 secret challenge.

The challenge is to publish Five things that are true that close family and friends don’t know about you.

I sat there thinking .. oh you really don’t want to know!

Theirs was about hating spiders,, being scared of birds,  still being in touch with pen-pals from their school days,  loving archaeology and wanting to be Indiana Jones as a child.

They asked me what mine would be ..   and I’ve got to tell you it’s been in my thoughts since.

What would yours be?

Would you be happy to share your darkest secrets with family and friends?

So here goes ..  and remember that this is 5 things that most of my friends and family don’t know about me.

1 – I’m a wannabe author,  I write stories of life, love, loss, family, friends and funerals.   I write stories almost every day, some fact, some fiction and have two books on the go.   Part of the stories are about sex and online dating and you’ll  either love them or be embarrassed reading them.

I’d love to be published but I’ll probably tell you that I’m too lazy to find a publisher and I’ll blame that on being busy with work when my real fear is the rejection of not being very good.

2 – Locked away in a cupboard,  I have a Guinness World Record medal for Salsa dancing .. and although I’m rubbish really  it was great fun and I’d loved to do more formal dancing lessons.

You may know that on this blog,  but most of my family and friends don’t.   I wrote about it here.

3 – Aged 15,  I once accidentally shot the family tv with a GAT air pistol, that my folks didn’t know I had and left a pellet mark on the top corner of the screen.

I was gutted cos I was trying to hit my brother John at the time!

Later that night when my dad came back from the pub with fish suppers for my mum,  brothers and I,  sitting watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on tv,  I couldn’t eat because I was absolutely bricking it.

My dad didn’t notice until a few years later and went mental,  but we blamed it on us playing golf in the living room.  If he’d known the real story then I wouldn’t be here today!

That could still happen so keep it schtum!

4 – Last year,  I discovered that I’m terrible at wearing high heels and anything over an inch kills me.

But don’t get too excited as it’s not a regular thing and was only to the Rocky Horror Show and I had to walk back in my stocking soles carrying the things.    Now I totally understand why girls are always walking home carrying their heels.

It was a great night,  but for some stupid reason,  I almost got in a fight which has to be the most ridiculous thing when you’re standing there dressed in a basque and heels.

The best  laugh actually happened a week earlier, the look on the faces of the two elderly ladies in the Church Of Scotland charity shop when I was trying on the black high heels size 9s and one wee old lady asked if I wanted a private room to try on anything else!
5 – Don’t tell anyone .. cos this is kind a sad .. but I will confess to having experimented with dying my hair and decided that its better off with the natural grey shining through.   Even although  I hate it really as it makes me feel old.

So that’s pretty much mine .. and aren’t you blessed to be able to read all of my thoughts on here and particularly the ones that I don’t share with anyone?

I love this monologue from Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.

Can you handle the truth?


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