Beauty Speaking? #IndyRef

Last night on the train home from Edinburgh,  I sat in a 4 seat booth facing backwards and diagonally opposite probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

As I stood,  taking my jacket off,  I took a moment to drink her in.

Late 20s,  long blonde hair carefully cut,  Black fitted dress showing her shapely figure, just the top of her breasts showing over the high sweetheart cut,  very tasteful, feminine yet discreet.

As I sat diagonally opposite her .. well it would have been weird to sit beside her and invasive to sit directly in front of her.

Don’t you know the unspoken rules of train seating etiquette?

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So It’s A No Then? #IndyRef

 So Scotland voted No.

Well actually 55% of the people who voted said NO,  45% said YES on an 86% turnout.

That’s an outstanding turnout and I believe that it set a new UK record.

What happened to the other 14%?

Disinterested,  apathetic,  couldn’t care less?

I happened to be speaking with my ex-wife yesterday,  her and her new man couldn’t be bothered voting and were happy to go with the flow.

I didn’t comment but what a waste of an opportunity to make a difference.

Would the other 14% have made a difference?

We will never know but it’s indicative of the volume of people who feel disenfranchised with whatever government run the UK or an independent Scotland.

What about the 45% who got off their arses and said YES.. are they feeling disenfranchised now?

I’m sure that there will be disappointments to various degrees,  but personally I’m taking the positive from this and viewing it as a step along the way to what will eventually happen.

Working in Edinburgh’s financial area,  anyone that I spoke to that voted NO did so either because they are actually English by birth and reside here,  immigrants who now reside here and want to remain part of the UK or Scottish people who voted because they feared for the value of the pound in their pocket.

Should these people who are non-Scottish by birth have had any say in this election?

Personally I don’t think so ..  I don’t care what passport someone holds,  what colour of skin they have,  but residing in the country just isn’t enough to understand the issues.

This isn’t about money or personal circumstances,  this is about a nation controlling it’s own destiny.

It would be interesting to see the demographic of who actually voted when country of birth is considered

What does the future hold?

Well you know that I’m not a fan of Alex Salmond,  but I think his speech this morning was pretty magnanimous in accepting defeat but working for more powers to the devolved Scotland.

Mr Cameron,  also magnanimous in victory reiterated that the plan to work with the Scottish Parliament to devolve more powers,  very generous of him,  but my cynical side is telling me that it won’t happen and will be shot down by a southern English conservative vote who have been hostile to Scotland’s desires to control its own destiny.

Today,  we’re in the UK for the foreseeable future,  but 45% of voters aren’t going to disappear,  they are energised and active.

I absolutely believe that independence will happen,  it’s just a matter of time.


For the record,  I’m apolitical,   I do not trust or agree with any political party and find their petty bickering wasteful.   They are more about retaining their own power than doing what is right for the people.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about politics or social issues,  I believe that people are far more important than political parties.

My personal preference would be to end unconstructive party politics and get the people voting for the big issues and having the politicians become administrators working for the will of the people.

We already have the technology to make that happen.

The Platform Lovers – Velvet?

I was just about to put my lips to hers but paused …

Anticipation is every …  thing!

I savoured the moment, breathing her bouquet like a sommelier before she sips that first taste of nectar.

Soft, sweet, delicate, a slightly glistening rosé that tastes like nothing else on earth.

Something primeval makes me want to drink her in, to cover my face in her wetness and shortly I will

But a memory intrudes and I wonder why some guys don’t enjoy this?

They say that they don’t see the point of it, that they don’t like it, that it’s for faggots …

The obvious irony of that comment is lost on these Neanderthals.

Maybe it was the guys I knew at the time, but then I’ve heard the same proclamations made with youthful exuberance and 40 year old adolescent bravado.

Men of any age can be so … vulgar!

If you believe the nonsense spouted from these connoisseurs, apparently all women are the same ..

In my experience and having spoken to my female friends,  most men really are ignorant when it comes to pleasing the woman in their life.

I’ve listened to them generalise,  telling me their preconceptions about something they have spent little time try8ing to understand.

Take poor Michelle here,  her bastard husband Charles trying to fuck every woman that breathes.

But Alex and I had spoken to his lovers,  not just Michelle,  but Geraldine his ex-PA,  who had confirmed that he’s a sad pathetic loser of a man with very little consideration or knowledge of what a woman really needs.

Why do you think that is?

Is it because they treat woman as objects,  toys to be picked up,  used and dropped?

Is their need to fuck as many woman as possible because they can’t pleasure one?

There’s a psychology degree thesis and a fortune waiting on anyone who can fathom the insecurities of the male ego.

But forgive me, its rude to keep a lady waiting ..

Monica holds Michelle’s eyes for a moment,  just long enough to let her know that she’s relishing the occasion, thinking how different she looks from this angle,  her face just visible beyond her breasts as she lays back on the pillow.

Monica can feel the tension in Michelle’s limbs,  the nervousness and uncertainty of what is about to happen.

At least she kept herself neat and trim and hadn’t let herself go completely or maybe she had just trimmed for the occasion?

Monica moistens her lips,  salivating, then running it round her lips with her tongue,  the first touch could often be dry but that never lasts.

She remembered the first time that she had made love to a woman,  although that not exactly true,   the first time Monica had been a passive participant and scared of what lay ahead.

She’d been a mum at the time,  afraid to show her body with its stretch-marks off to a man never mind a woman.

It had taken weeks and a few bottles of wine before she allowed anything to go beyond kissing,   but Elaine had been so gentle, and caring,  demonstrating a touch more delicate than any man that she had ever been with and she’d never looked back.

Now it’s Michelle’s turn and Monica had enjoyed getting to know her over the course of their investigation into Charles’s affairs.  Long chats on the phone, and a few meetings at the family home while Charles conducted his business elsewhere,  they became friends,  now lovers.

Underneath that prudish exterior,  Michelle was quite a beautiful woman,  she just needed to be made to feel feminine, desired and appreciated.

Monica hoped that their friendship would give her the confidence to be the woman that she had always wanted to be.


I cribbed this for something that I’d written earlier,  I like the idea that although its sexual there’s nothing explicit.

I have a few lesbian friends,  one particular couple would appear to be the stereo-typical type.

You might thing that they are butch.

But they are not.  That’s a popular misconception,  it’s just that they hide their feminity,  strapping their boobs down and wearing clothing to hide themselves from the gaze of men.

The other couple are different,  one is exceptionally feminine and the other is quite “manly”,  from the outside,  the roles in their relationship are more typical  of what the majority of straight people would perceive to be in a male-female top-bottom connection.

I have no idea if that’s true or not.    What I do know is that people have much more depth than you or I can ever imagine and usually do not fit into conveniently stereo-typical pigeon-holes .. so you really never can tell!

With that in mind,  I liked the idea that the gorgeously feminine Monica that every man fancies is more complex than you’d first perceive.

Just had a thought,   both of the couples I mention above have been in two of the longest relationships that I know of and are deeply committed life partners that work as a team.

There has to be something in that don’t you think?

Walking Our Own Path. #IndyRef

You know what?

I love being British.


If there is,  it’s yours,  not mine.

I’ve always been proud to be British,  I think as a nation we have had some great achievements,  particularly when you consider the size of the UK against the resources available to much larger countries.

But although I love being British,  my personal identity is Scottish first and British second.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and Scotland is famous for its inventors.

We have been inventive, creative, adaptive, our lack of resources has made us use what we have available.

Historically,  it has to be said,  that our lack of resources made us Brits take what was available elsewhere,  hence the Commonwealth became established,  where the UK became rich at the expense of other nations who weren’t as technologically savvy.

At the sharp end of The Empires sword were the Scots.

What do you think happened in the days when fusiliers rampaged through other peoples lands?

We bludgeoned,  maimed and killed our way through India,  Australia and elsewhere all in the name of The Empire.

It’s nothing to be proud of,  thankfully those days have gone.

However even now, the British Army is full of Scottish people who sign up because of the lack of opportunity available locally.

It has to be said,  that proud as I am to be Scottish, that as well as being inventive,  we can be a lazy, angry, aggressive lot.

The rest of the UK,  would probably be better off without us.

Will we be worse off without them?

Make no mistake,  there will be a pension shortfall and no-one to pay for the growing elderly population.

We have 37% of employed people working in the public sector,  much, much higher than the rest of the UK.


Because,  we care for our weak.

But someone has to pay for that,  so without the UK we are going to struggle.

And shut-up about the oil,  because even after independence the contracts with the oil companies will roll on and we will continue to get shafted.

Do you seriously think that we should rely on a single source of income?

I don’t.   What happens after its gone?

There are many many reasons for saying NO tomorrow.

Economically I think we will be better off and safer with the UK.

I don’t believe what Salmond and his like tell us, he preaches to the gullible telling them what they want to hear because he has his own agenda.

But this isn’t about Salmond or the SNP.

My reason for voting YES is simple.

Because we need to walk our own path.

We need to stop sending our children off to fight in corrupt British wars in far-off lands.

We need to get back to being the inventive nation we are.

We need to increase employment within the private sector.

We need to look after our needy,  but get the people abusing the system back to work.

We need to stand up and do it for ourselves.

Because this UK Government of Labour, Tory or whoever have had their chance.



If we are going for independence,  why are we retaining the queen as head of state?

What’s the point in that?   Who does that serve?

If we are going for independence,  it has to be a republic.

Government by the people,  for the people.

This is a chance to rip up party politics,  why do we need them?

Let’s turn politicians into administrator,  working for the will of the people.

You have a unique National Insurance number and internet access?

So why don’t we, the people,  vote on the big issues and get the administrators to sort out the details and make the will of the people happen.

This is an opportunity to rip up the old and get the politicians working for us and not themselves.


Footnote – I really don’t think independence is going to happen tomorrow,   I think there will be repercussions because there will be an English backlash against us Scots and all those promises of Cameron and Milliband will be vetoed before they get off the ground.

But that’s still no reason not to get out there and make your mark.

This vote is going to be biggest turn-out in a long time since the people became apathetic to the current political parties.

I believe that independence will happen eventually because you can kill a man but you cannot kill an idea and there is a now momentum to make it happen.

It’s Not Me, It’s You! #IndyRef

For a long time, I’ve been undecided about this Scottish Independence Referendum.

I started off firmly as a NO, using the analogy of this being like buying a car and not knowing what you are getting.

A later alternative analogy was that this is like a divorce, you don’t know what you will be left with until the lawyers have taken their share, but you do know that you will be without a domineering ex-partner.

I’ve written that doing nothing is not an option and that deciding No is based on fear rather than hope.

Yet, despite all of the above, I’ve still been in the NO camp, I’ve been afraid and not wanting to rock the boat or my comfortable lifestyle.

I’ve hoped that through the recent debates more information would come to light that would convince me either way.

But it didn’t.

All the discussion of oil, currency, EU membership hasn’t persuaded me.

The only thing it convinced me of is that politicians on both sides lie to us, one side tells us what they want us to hear because they want power. The other tells us scare stories because they want to retain power.

But today, I’ve seen this video of how the UK Government passed secret legislation changing the maritime borders and effectively moving seven oil-fields within the boundaries of England rather than Scotland.

This is underhand as it distort the GDP figures when discussing future revenues for an independent Scotland.

But it’s theft, plain and simple .. THEFT.

What is more, is the legislation was passed without debate the very day before the Scottish Parliament came into place and before it wold be discussed with the Scottish People.

So not only is it theft, its deceit, and an indication of the lies and manipulation that has been going on over the years.

It’s the equivalent of a partner knowing that the break-up was on the way and syphoning off cash to their own personal bank account, making sure that if the day ever arrived, they had the best position possible.

I ask you … who needs a lying, cheating, thieving partner?

That’s done it for me.

As a foot note –

I don’t buy into all that Braveheart or Tartan and kilts emotive crap.

Independence isn’t going to be easy, it’s going to be a rocky road and need a lot of hard work.

But today I choose Hope and hard work over Fear and servitude.

I choose to stand up for myself and the people of my country and face the future no matter what difficulties it may bring.

It’s time to say Yes.

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Band practice tonight!

Does that sound cool?

Let me assure that the reality is completely different!

This is a new thing for me as I’ve never played with other people apart from a couple of jams with my cousin Gerry that would make your ears bleed until we learned to give each other space.

That’s the thing when you’re a solo “artist” and starting to play with other people, you can’t all play the same thing at the same time or is just sounds terrible, even if you do manage to keep it in time.

( Ed – the word artist used loosely then?!! )

Last week was my first week with the Tommy’s band .. it was an interesting dynamic.

It was only the second time that I’d met up with Tommy in 25 years following our reunion a fortnight ago and the first time that I’d met any of the other guys.

He knew that I had been learning piano so he invited me along to his place to meet the guys and a bit of practice.

Tommy on an acoustic, Barry on keyboards Alan on Electro Acoustic, John on 50s style rockabilly guitar .. couldn’t tell you it’s make but sounded fab.

Well fab when played individually, but not when they were all kinda playing the same tune at kinda the same time.

That just sounds off kilter, screeching, painful.

I’ve only been playing piano for 12 years and still got a huge amount to learn, but I do know that harmonising is critical, as is leaving gaps so that there’s space, a quietness to allow the individual instruments or the vocal to be heard.

Then there was the personal dynamics …

Tommy trying to lead the way, but John doing his own thing and at one point playing a different tune altogether.

Alan, happy to take a backseat as he is also on vocals but then forgetting all the words.

Barry, very talented on the keys, friendly, but I was aware that he felt uncomfortable by another keyboard player on the scene. Although he had no reason to be.

Tonight is a rehearsal for the gig they are working towards, at the venue with the stage all rigged up for action.

I’m happy to go along an contribute what I can while keeping a low profile so as no feathers are ruffled.

I’m just glad it’s not me up on that stage next week.

— — — — —

I actually wrote that yesterday before the other story turned up!

Last night .. one word .. carnage!!

Still no harmonises, disputes on the running order and who would sing or play what.

Me .. purely an observer.

Call me bad, but I love a bit of carnage!

— — — — —

Tonight, will just be glad to have a chilled out night after a busy week of travelling to Edinburgh.

Tomorrow a friends 50th dinner party at their home.

Should be good fun, but I’d bet that I’m the only single guy there.

Thunder Aaa-Aaaah-Aaah-Aaaah!

There’s This Girl ….

There’s this girl ….

I’m a guy right ..

There’s always “this girl “…!! 🙂

She is a very attractive girl, 5’6, long dark hair, slim, pretty face, nice tits .. you get the picture?

We met once upon a time years ago .. a coffee and a sandwich .. and she disappeared never to be heard off again.

Actually, later that evening, she sent me a sweet little barbed text saying that she wasn’t interested .. fair enough, because as it happened neither was I.

There has to be more than looks, a great smile and those perky boobs right?


C’mon agree with me here!

She was over-infatuated with her appearance .. and didn’t have much else to say for herself .. which is pretty dull right?

She got in touch online the other day, which came as a complete surprise.

At first she says hello and was polite asking how I’d been and what I was up to?

( She doesn’t read this obviously )

Me being the gentleman I am, I replied telling her this and that and the other thing .. you know the other thing?

Anyways, next thing she is telling me that she has saw my profile online every now and then and has been meaning to get in touch as she has … and I quote you .. “been drawn to me since we first met”.

And I’m thinking .. aye right doll .. don’t ever ever try to kid a kidder.

Now she has sent me her number and is asking me to call her.


Head saying no? Dick saying go?

My Non-Self-Imposed-Temporary-Celibacy-Causing-Desperation?

No chance!!