She Calls Me Handsome …

I had a friend, a lover who always called me handsome ..

I’d always smile and reply .. Who me?

Or turn my head around and pretend that I was looking for the good looking guy standing behind me!

I don’t accept praise easily.

Once upon a time after a particularly close encounter … She called me handsome again.

Now call me cynical …. ( you’re cynical – Ed )

But I wondered if she called all of her partners handsome, not that she was the promiscuous type, I mean more in the way of a pet name

Or worse … Like guys referring to women as babe … So that they can send the same anonymous text to the three women they are seeing

But it was a particularly intimate moment and I was feeling very open so I asked .. Why?

She says … Because you are ..

To which I replied that I was really very ordinary and nothing special.

There then ensued a conversation of perception and self doubt.

How others see us and how we see ourselves and the gulf that can exist between these two viewpoints.

Don’t get me wrong I’m flattered by the compliments, but the hole in myself perception will never allow my ego to become inflated.

Anyhoo it’s 6am and browsing the web dreading the thought of getting up for work in Edinburgh when it’s a Glasgow bank holiday and everyone else is off.

I just came across the following pic on Michael Mosleys site.

It got me thinking about how others see us and how we see ourselves.

Some people have a very high opinion of themselves which is totally unwarranted.

Some people are the opposite and have low opinions of themselves and are full of self doubt even although they have nothing to worry about.

But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so If someone genuinely thinks that we are handsome aren’t we blessed?

Blessed enough to drop the self doubt?

Only time will tell … But kinda doubt it!! 🙂


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