Ryder Cup Gala Review

Hey, hello, how are ya?

Standing in the rain at a godforsaken train station in the middle of nowhere

Or half way between Glasgow and Edinburgh if you prefer!

Last nights Ryder Cup Gala Performance is still playing in my head!

Maybe should have stayed off the fizz on a school night .. But had a fantastic time.

My personal highlights were as expected …

Danny Wilson reform for Mary’s Prayer, I’d pay money to see that again.

Midge Ure belting out Vienna with the backing of a fifty piece RNSO orchestra.

Texas back on tour with the gorgeous Sharlene showing that she can still rock the place and even managed to get the surrounding golfers and golf widows on their feet.

The man I wanted to see most, Nile Riodgers didn’t disappoint. That 1960 Stratocaster guitar of his isn’t called the Hitmaker for nothing.

With limited time, the set was too short but I particularly loved the mash up of I Want Your Love and Get Lucky.

How that girl Kimberley Davis can belt out the tunes while shaking her rather large but sexy ass was pretty mesmerising!

The surprise of the evening was the very talented Amy Macdonald’s version of Bruce Sprinsteen’s Dancing In The Dark. I absolute loved how she slows it down and made the lyric more meaningful.

That’s the tune in my head today.. Check it out in the link below.

Other highlights include an appreciation of Eddie Reader that I never had previously. The wonderful Elaine C Smith comes across as such a warm caring person and I’d like her to be first minister as she cares about people not politics.

Oh yeah and there was something about golf!

Just kidding, that was more memorable than I expected with both teams on stage and as a non-golfer, it’s stimulated an interest and I’ll be sure to tune in over the weekend.

Got to say tho, that if the Ryder Cup was based on the attractiveness of the WAGs then sorry Europe but the USA have won it before a ball is played!! 🙂



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