Mistakes And Regrets – Mary’s Prayer?

Everything is wonderful
Being here is heavenly
Every single day, she says
Everything is free

I used to be so careless
As if I couldn’t care less
Did I have to make mistakes?
When I was Mary’s prayer

So when you find somebody who gives
Think of me and celebrate
I made such a big mistake
When I was Mary’s Prayer

I love that song,  always have, always will and recently taught myself how to play it on piano.

Does it have special meaning?

Not particularly,  but I dare say we’ve all made mistakes and can relate to it one way or another.

Do mistakes, imply regrets?

I think they do and with hindsight, I could probably have handled something’s better than I have.

Couldn’t we all?

But the trick is to learn from it.

Don’t let the mistakes of the past cloud your future and don’t spend time regretting things that you cannot change.

Just try not to make the same mistakes again.

Tonight the band Danny Wilson reform for a performance as part of the Ryder Cup Gala Evening at The Hydro.

Can’t wait to see this with the full RNSO orchestra.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Midge Ure doing Vienna with the Orchestra Jake Bugg and Amy Macdonald

Then to finish,  Nile Rodgers from Chic to finish off the dancing.

Can’t wait to see my favourite of theirs I Want Your Love and that fantastic strings and trumpet section.

Just a shame that’ it’s a Wednesday night.

More details and video links here ..




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