The Platform Lovers – Velvet?

I was just about to put my lips to hers but paused …

Anticipation is every …  thing!

I savoured the moment, breathing her bouquet like a sommelier before she sips that first taste of nectar.

Soft, sweet, delicate, a slightly glistening rosé that tastes like nothing else on earth.

Something primeval makes me want to drink her in, to cover my face in her wetness and shortly I will

But a memory intrudes and I wonder why some guys don’t enjoy this?

They say that they don’t see the point of it, that they don’t like it, that it’s for faggots …

The obvious irony of that comment is lost on these Neanderthals.

Maybe it was the guys I knew at the time, but then I’ve heard the same proclamations made with youthful exuberance and 40 year old adolescent bravado.

Men of any age can be so … vulgar!

If you believe the nonsense spouted from these connoisseurs, apparently all women are the same ..

In my experience and having spoken to my female friends,  most men really are ignorant when it comes to pleasing the woman in their life.

I’ve listened to them generalise,  telling me their preconceptions about something they have spent little time try8ing to understand.

Take poor Michelle here,  her bastard husband Charles trying to fuck every woman that breathes.

But Alex and I had spoken to his lovers,  not just Michelle,  but Geraldine his ex-PA,  who had confirmed that he’s a sad pathetic loser of a man with very little consideration or knowledge of what a woman really needs.

Why do you think that is?

Is it because they treat woman as objects,  toys to be picked up,  used and dropped?

Is their need to fuck as many woman as possible because they can’t pleasure one?

There’s a psychology degree thesis and a fortune waiting on anyone who can fathom the insecurities of the male ego.

But forgive me, its rude to keep a lady waiting ..

Monica holds Michelle’s eyes for a moment,  just long enough to let her know that she’s relishing the occasion, thinking how different she looks from this angle,  her face just visible beyond her breasts as she lays back on the pillow.

Monica can feel the tension in Michelle’s limbs,  the nervousness and uncertainty of what is about to happen.

At least she kept herself neat and trim and hadn’t let herself go completely or maybe she had just trimmed for the occasion?

Monica moistens her lips,  salivating, then running it round her lips with her tongue,  the first touch could often be dry but that never lasts.

She remembered the first time that she had made love to a woman,  although that not exactly true,   the first time Monica had been a passive participant and scared of what lay ahead.

She’d been a mum at the time,  afraid to show her body with its stretch-marks off to a man never mind a woman.

It had taken weeks and a few bottles of wine before she allowed anything to go beyond kissing,   but Elaine had been so gentle, and caring,  demonstrating a touch more delicate than any man that she had ever been with and she’d never looked back.

Now it’s Michelle’s turn and Monica had enjoyed getting to know her over the course of their investigation into Charles’s affairs.  Long chats on the phone, and a few meetings at the family home while Charles conducted his business elsewhere,  they became friends,  now lovers.

Underneath that prudish exterior,  Michelle was quite a beautiful woman,  she just needed to be made to feel feminine, desired and appreciated.

Monica hoped that their friendship would give her the confidence to be the woman that she had always wanted to be.


I cribbed this for something that I’d written earlier,  I like the idea that although its sexual there’s nothing explicit.

I have a few lesbian friends,  one particular couple would appear to be the stereo-typical type.

You might thing that they are butch.

But they are not.  That’s a popular misconception,  it’s just that they hide their feminity,  strapping their boobs down and wearing clothing to hide themselves from the gaze of men.

The other couple are different,  one is exceptionally feminine and the other is quite “manly”,  from the outside,  the roles in their relationship are more typical  of what the majority of straight people would perceive to be in a male-female top-bottom connection.

I have no idea if that’s true or not.    What I do know is that people have much more depth than you or I can ever imagine and usually do not fit into conveniently stereo-typical pigeon-holes .. so you really never can tell!

With that in mind,  I liked the idea that the gorgeously feminine Monica that every man fancies is more complex than you’d first perceive.

Just had a thought,   both of the couples I mention above have been in two of the longest relationships that I know of and are deeply committed life partners that work as a team.

There has to be something in that don’t you think?


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