It’s Not Me, It’s You! #IndyRef

For a long time, I’ve been undecided about this Scottish Independence Referendum.

I started off firmly as a NO, using the analogy of this being like buying a car and not knowing what you are getting.

A later alternative analogy was that this is like a divorce, you don’t know what you will be left with until the lawyers have taken their share, but you do know that you will be without a domineering ex-partner.

I’ve written that doing nothing is not an option and that deciding No is based on fear rather than hope.

Yet, despite all of the above, I’ve still been in the NO camp, I’ve been afraid and not wanting to rock the boat or my comfortable lifestyle.

I’ve hoped that through the recent debates more information would come to light that would convince me either way.

But it didn’t.

All the discussion of oil, currency, EU membership hasn’t persuaded me.

The only thing it convinced me of is that politicians on both sides lie to us, one side tells us what they want us to hear because they want power. The other tells us scare stories because they want to retain power.

But today, I’ve seen this video of how the UK Government passed secret legislation changing the maritime borders and effectively moving seven oil-fields within the boundaries of England rather than Scotland.

This is underhand as it distort the GDP figures when discussing future revenues for an independent Scotland.

But it’s theft, plain and simple .. THEFT.

What is more, is the legislation was passed without debate the very day before the Scottish Parliament came into place and before it wold be discussed with the Scottish People.

So not only is it theft, its deceit, and an indication of the lies and manipulation that has been going on over the years.

It’s the equivalent of a partner knowing that the break-up was on the way and syphoning off cash to their own personal bank account, making sure that if the day ever arrived, they had the best position possible.

I ask you … who needs a lying, cheating, thieving partner?

That’s done it for me.

As a foot note –

I don’t buy into all that Braveheart or Tartan and kilts emotive crap.

Independence isn’t going to be easy, it’s going to be a rocky road and need a lot of hard work.

But today I choose Hope and hard work over Fear and servitude.

I choose to stand up for myself and the people of my country and face the future no matter what difficulties it may bring.

It’s time to say Yes.

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