There’s This Girl ….

There’s this girl ….

I’m a guy right ..

There’s always “this girl “…!! 🙂

She is a very attractive girl, 5’6, long dark hair, slim, pretty face, nice tits .. you get the picture?

We met once upon a time years ago .. a coffee and a sandwich .. and she disappeared never to be heard off again.

Actually, later that evening, she sent me a sweet little barbed text saying that she wasn’t interested .. fair enough, because as it happened neither was I.

There has to be more than looks, a great smile and those perky boobs right?


C’mon agree with me here!

She was over-infatuated with her appearance .. and didn’t have much else to say for herself .. which is pretty dull right?

She got in touch online the other day, which came as a complete surprise.

At first she says hello and was polite asking how I’d been and what I was up to?

( She doesn’t read this obviously )

Me being the gentleman I am, I replied telling her this and that and the other thing .. you know the other thing?

Anyways, next thing she is telling me that she has saw my profile online every now and then and has been meaning to get in touch as she has … and I quote you .. “been drawn to me since we first met”.

And I’m thinking .. aye right doll .. don’t ever ever try to kid a kidder.

Now she has sent me her number and is asking me to call her.


Head saying no? Dick saying go?

My Non-Self-Imposed-Temporary-Celibacy-Causing-Desperation?

No chance!!


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