The Sound Of An Angel. #ArtGarfunkel

Last night’s Art Garfunkel concert at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall was simply wonderful.

It was an acoustic set, Art a single guitarist carried the tunes of my lifetime as he reminded me not only of the greats such as The Boxer, Bridge Over Troubled Water etc but also his own songs particularly Perfect Moment, which I’ll be sure to download later. A song which when you’re young meant very little then but it does now.

Art, almost 73 years young and performing for almost 60 years largely with his boyhood friend Paul Simon shared with us not only his voice but his thoughts on life, love, friendship and family.

He treated us not only to his soft yet soaring voice, but to his poetry and prose giving an insight into what he finds rewarding and why he continues to perform after all this time.

It was humbling.

Art began singing in the synagogue at a young age, blessed with the voice of an angel and a supportive family who cared and nurtured his talent. He spoke particularly highly of his “Poppa” and how even although he passed 25 years ago now and then something touches him that reminds him of the love they shared.

Art told us how Paul called him when they were both at college telling him how he thought that he had written his best song yet and rushed over to play him The Sound Of Silence.

That was 1967, the Summer Of Love, when the anti-war movement was at its peak and a certain football team from Glasgow were showing Europe how it’s done.

I’m sure that like most friendships that have stood the test of time, Art and Paul had their moments but he reminded us not to believe all the media stories about their relationship and it was clear that there is still a lot of love between them including Art recently speaking at Pauls birthday party in Greenwich Village.

Art has largely avoided the public eye over the years, is still living in New York with his wife and his family of sons aged 23 and 5.

It was obvious that he relishes having such young children around him, that he appreciates and is grateful for everything that life has brought him.

He reminded me of my grandfather, standing proud yet humble, his self-deprecating humour only adding to my feelings of affection.

Yeah, okay I may be gushing, but I was touched and if you believe in angels, then one visited Glasgow last night and lifted the spirit of anyone who was there.

He has a few more our dates in the UK, if you get the chance, just go.

A review from The Guardian here ..


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