Rabbits In The Headlights!

Someone said to me recently, that I have a huge amount of self-belief.


( That’s the Scottish for a very surprised .. What! Just in case you are wondering!! )

My immediate response was .. Are you kidding?

Simultaneously my head is thinking .. why they hell does she think that?

I explained, I might be confident on the outside, but like everyone else, sometimes I’m shaking like a leaf on the inside, the trick is just not to let it show ..

Obviously I must have become adept at that without actually realising!

Today, the first day at my contract in Edinburgh, suited and booted .. and got to tell you looking pretty sharp if I don’t say so myself.

Actually I did say so .. but only because it’s true.

Ha-ha …. Self-belief my arse!

Sometimes you do what you do, but it all show, the surface looks good, but internally my stomach was in a knot and I had to go to the loo twice before I left the house this morning.

What’s that old adage about swans looking graceful but underneath the water their feet are paddling like crazy?

That’s me …

When it’s time to be serious .. look calm .. stay focused, be sharp, get it done.

Actually, all joshing aside, I’m very good at what I do . it pays well, but I don’t really care about it, it’s just a means to an end, I’d much rather be lying on a beach.

Just had a meeting with my new colleagues including the project manager who just started a week before me.

He says that he’s glad to have me on board for my financial knowledge and technical skillz.

But as he spoke, there was a nervousness about him, he clearly has an uncertainty due to having never worked on this kind of project and having to make key decisions of resources and deadlines based on technicalities that he doesn’t actually understand.

I thought you’re winging it even more than me.


Tonight, Art Garfunkel plays The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Music of my childhood?

Not really, a bit before my time but I remember my folks having a few of their albums Wednesday Morning 9am and Bridge Over Troubled Water.

I’ve been known to sing a few of their classics including Cecelia and Homeward Bound, as recently as last weekend on the camping trip in Tighnabruich with my bestest childhood pals Jim and Toomy.

Tonight is too good a chance to see Art in concert that I bought the tix on spec and I’m looking forward to seeing my old pals again.

Now didn’t Art do a song about Rabbits?

I really hated that one!

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