I Hate Work!!

It’s official ….. I hate work!!

Don’t we all … I hear you say.

Yeah, I know but there’s hating work and there’s HATING work.

If you happen to read this blog, you’ll know that I have a healthy disdain for going to work.

The idea of getting up early every morning, showered and dressed and going to do something that I really don’t enjoy doesn’t impress me, in fact it depresses me.

But if you want to have a lifestyle, spend money on holidays and concerts then it’s a necessary evil.

What else would I do?

More accurately .. What else would I do that pays as well?

I do what I can about work, a long time ago, I re-educated myself from shipbuilding and now work in IT .. but I can’t stand working for the “man”

So about 20 years ago, I took a chance on going self employed and have never really looked back, its paid well and I work for me not for them, if it gets too bad, political, boring, I get out.

Yesterday something happened that crossed that threshold.

At work I’m busy all day every day, we’re not supposed to access the internet or take personal calls, so I minimise them.

I don’t often abuse it, I write my blog at lunchtimes, just brain dump, mail it to my home address and post it later.

Last week things were quiet so I posted my blog from my phone in late afternoon, only for some little dweeby little sh1t to comment that I shouldn’t be on my phone.

This is the same little rat that caused the problem on my daughter graduation day a few weeks ago .. as if I was going to miss that ..

Yesterday, my manager wanted a quiet word and told me that 2 people had complained about my internet usage .. what internet usage I asked?

He was fine with it, we get on well, but the idea that there are tell-tale-tits with petty issues waiting to stick the knife in has finished it for me here.

Last night, a couple of emails to agencies and a few calls at lunchtime, 2 possible jobs on the go already.

I am so outta here.

But wouldn’t it be good to something I actually enjoy?


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