Ever Felt Broken?

Guts ripped out, punched in the face, kicked in the balls??

That’s how I feel.

Its worse than any relationship break up, I’m ashamed to admit that it even feels worse than when my mum passed away.

That bad.

When I got home from work on Tuesday, my daughter Claire had gone to see her mum with my daughter Laura.

Later Laura came home without Claire and I got a text telling me that as she hadn’t saw her mum while we were on holiday then she’d stay over a few days.

No problem. That’s absolutely fine.

But today, I texted asking how she was and she tells me that she’s going to change school and move in with her mum.

I appreciate that she’s hurting after some of her exam results, that she probably feels that she’s let me down but this?

I’m distraught.

She’s lived with me for as long as I can remember, a difficult divorce and I was there for her all the time.

She’s the smartest of my 3, so invested in private education and she did not bad but could have did better.

No-one, absolutely no-one can hurt you as much as your own flesh and blood.

My kids don’t read this, but I hope someday after I’m gone they will, all my internal thoughts, feelings, worries.

I often write about how proud I am of my children, and I always will be.

But today I’m hurting.

This weekend party at the palace, all Scottish bands and sounds like it will be great fun but I’m aching inside, pulling a plaster over this isn’t going to be easy.


What a jammy bunch us Celtic fans are!!!

Well and truly gubbed home and away by Legia Warsaw and we get back into The Champions League on an administrative technicality as Legia fielded an ineligible player.


3 thoughts on “Ever Felt Broken?

  1. I really do feel for you. Knee jerk reaction, that on reflection, may turn around again. They are a fickle bunch teenagers, especially female teenagers – I know, I was one!
    Hang on in there x

    1. Yeah I guess it is a knee jerk reaction from her, I’m trying to tell myself let the weekend pass, she’s back at school next week and things would need to be arranged in a hurry, so let it e and see how it goes.

      Thats the sensible side, it still hurts.

      Hope your well


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