Back To Life, Back To Reality …

Don’t you hate the first day back at work after a holiday?

I had to drag myself out of bed this morning, I had a few early rises on holiday but they were leisurely, not pressured to be a certain place by a certain time and suitably dressed.

Dressing itself was a task, dragging through the wardrobe looking for something suitable … wanting to show a little holiday tan but not the extra few pounds of living in the lap of luxury for the past few weeks.

Confession .. I feel fat!

Fat, me, not good and I don’t like it.

The first shirt I put on was just a little bit too tight, tight across my lower back, how the feck can it be tight there?

Okay so it’s a slim fit, but I still feel fat.

Last night, got home and called a Chinese, we hadn’t had one for a few weeks and all three kids were sick of pizza which was available 24/7 to top up an already full meal plan.

We settled down in front of the tv and watched the closing ceremony of the commonwealth games.

Wasn’t it fantastic?

I’m so proud of my city right now and slightly ashamed that I missed the games and all the fun.

Call me cynical but there was a part of me thinking that we would put on a half baked affair with an unhealthy dose of shortbread and tartan. The opening ceremony with its tunnock tea cakes was a little cringeable.

But we did good, the people made the games and I’m not ashamed to say that the closing ceremony put a tear in this auld cynics eye.


Today the diet starts.

What diet? I’ve never dieted in my puff, just eat healthy and do a little exercise and I’ll be fine.

But right now, it’s more like starving myself I need!

At this moment, I’m sitting on the train to Glasgow and a job that I can’t really be bothered with thinking why the hell do I do this?

Answer – because it pays for holidays concerts and any other materialistic shit.

But wouldn’t it be great to go something more meaningful that serves a purpose?

Like the clydesiders, those local unpaid volunteers that made the games happen.

Maybe a bit of voluntary work would cure that feeling of pointlessness,

There really has to be more to life than getting up in the morning putting on drab blacks and greys and doing something more worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “Back To Life, Back To Reality …

  1. Welcome back M.

    It’s a great feeling you have to do something different, more worthwhile, more you.

    Knowing you, am sure you will do something about it. And then some! You never did do things by halves đŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for that lovely message P,

      You know I’m quite an enthusiastic person and if something ain’t working and is making you unhappy then I’d rather change than be miserable and put up with it.

      Unfortunately, my earlier fears were correct.

      I hate this mind numbingly dull place!!

      Just spent the morning on catch up and deleting the vast majority of emails sent my way while I was out the office.

      At one point I took a look around me at the other guys prattling on about work issues as if they are important.

      I was close to putting my jacket on and walking out the door.

      But that would be silly, childish, overreacting and not good for my professional reputation.

      ( Errr … What reputation?!! – Ed )

      I’ll have a chat with my manager when he’s back in tomorrow

      But will start looking on the job websites today.

      I won’t be here long.

      Hope all good with you and life is treating you well.


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