Judging Others, Measuring Ourselves! #Attraction.

They say that travel broadens the mind. And there are no doubts that seeing and experiencing far off places, learning about their culture and history is educational.

But tthe process of travel itself is also educational.

Not the mechanics of how the wheels on the bus go round and round, or how the plane flies or the ship floats.

We all know that already.

But travel forces us to be confined with a group of people for a period of time and we naturally observe and experience them just as they observe and experience us.

The things you see when sitting in amongst a large group of people are an insight into humanity and it’s quirks, flaws and strengths.

It’s only natural that our highly developed pattern matching brains makes presumptions and assumptions attempting to categorise folk into boxes, pidgeon holes to make dealing with the large group easier.

The first decision we usually make on seeing a new person is if they are attractive or not.

That decision happens in the more visually stimulated males of the species in less than a fifth of a second.


Yes or no?

You are or you’re not.

For the gentler sex, attraction according to the research is a more complex affair, partially physical but also the ability of the male to provide and protect.

I’m a fan of Sir Robert Winston, father of IVF which has provided children for families unfortunate not to have them naturally.

But I enjoy his other works on humanity and the human experience including his laws of male and female attraction.

So although we should never really judge people, we do, it’s only natural, it doesn’t make you a bad person.

Sitting here now on the sun deck of a ship heading southwest across the Mediterranean from Genoa, Italy to Malaga, Spain, all humanity surrounds me.

There are people of all ages, races, cultures, religions, most likely sexual orientation but you can never tell from simple people watching unless it’s obvious. Unless they themselves make it obvious.

There are people of all sizes, large, small, heavy, slim, scrawny. Athletic, toned, saggy, droopy, flabby, pallid, bronzed.

Most people here and particularly those over 30 are over their fighting weight and a high percentage within the clinically obese and a smaller but significant percentage in the morbidly obese category.

There are only a few people who look anywhere near model-like and most of these are around 20.

The hard fact is, if people can afford the ticket to the cruise then they probably can afford a decent lifestyle at home including as much food as they desire and as little or as much exercise as they choose.

What we see is mostly just a facade, the outer shell of who a person really is.

As another wise man said, oh what a gift of god to give us, to see ourselves as other see us.

So we should never really be judgemental lest we be judged ourselves.

But still we do.

We make the mistake of judging ourselves, measuring our bodies against a physical ideal projected by an economically biased media.

Sex sells always has always will.

We also measure ourselves against the people we see in their semi naked glory.

We compare ourselves. – Thank god I don’t look like him or I feel fat and need to get fit.

Again it’s only natural.

My advice, try not to be too hard on yourself, no matter where you are in that line of physical attraction there’s always someone better or worse than you.

Just accept yourself, try to make the best of yourself, change what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t.

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