Did David kill God?

Sitting in a bar in Firenze.

That’s Florence to most of us!

We are all eating pizza and drinking coke with the local chianti in the side for yours truly.

The kids are buried in their iPhones, free wifi is mandatory at any place we stop.

Just completed a most educational walking tour of the city which is famous as the birth place of the rennaisance.

The tour included stops at Michelangelo place if birth and his tomb although he died in Rome.

Florence was also the home of the astronomer and scientist Galileo who famously became a heretic for suggesting that the earth was not the centre of the universe and orbited the sun.

Michelangelo statue of David was the first to portray him before the battle with Goliath. His body is known for its perfection due to the studies that Michelangelo made of corpses.

Strictly illegal at the time.

Around that time Florence was in civil unrest where the ruling and larger Medici family ruled by fear and corruption and extended their power to having two popes chosen from the family.

They were eventually ousted by the Lorraine’s family.

Despite their power and association with the church. The Medici family sheltered Galileo from arrest.

The Lorraine’s continued this scientific rebellion against the church and Rome placing David’s statue outside one of their major palaces.

This metaphor of David’s conquest over Goliath represents not only their own family struggle but their support of science and art against the church.

This led the way for the ongoing scientific and secular development of the renaissance movement.

Today the florentine and roman churches are beautiful but empty monuments to a forgone past when the church ruled by fear.

They are tourist hotspots charging entrance fees for survival as their religious status has almost faded.

A church charging entrance fees?

What was that story about Jesus throwing the market out of the home of God?

So did David kill God?

No, but the symbol of David as the lead of of the renaissance movement killed or has mortally wounded organised religion diminishing the power of the church.


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