The Things That Dreams Are Made Of ….. #HumanLeague

You’ve probably heard all the clichés …

Carpie Dieum,
Seize the Day
You Only Live Once

They are all basically the same message just for different times, people have always been aware that their time on this earth is limited and they have to make the most of it.

I have this theory … a belief .. that there’s no point in being here unless we function as we want to and when we can no longer function times up.

But when is that point of non-functionality reached?

The big book of Christianity says that we have 3 score years + ten, that’s seventy years to you and me.

A pretty good average, unless your life is cut short through illness or some other tragedy.

But who wants to live until your 70 and realise that it’s too late to do all the things that you want to do?

You see, my theory is life is only good while we are capable of living and doing all the things that we did when we were at our peaks.

As soon as we pass our peaks, then it’s a slippery slope with no return until eventually you slip off the edge.

Fuck that.

So where’s the cut off point?

When do you know that the point of no-return has passed?

I have a simple measure .. nothing complicated and you either pass the test or you don’t

And if you don’t your basically fucked .. start making arrangements.

This morning, I parked at the train station car park, about 250 yards from the platform just as the train arrived.

Feck .. I thought .. if I miss this its 20 minutes waiting on the next one and I want an early shoot home today.

So I sprinted, passed a few saunterers along the way and jumped on the train as the doors closed.

I stood there breathless, but smiling, getting looks from the other passengers but feeling alive.

That’s my measure of general fitness, when I can’t run for the train, my capabilities have gone ..,

Expand that a little .. I’ll not be able to have sex the way I do, then I’m really really fucked.

Then I’m not the guy that I have always been.

Game over.

But until that day .. live every day as if it’s your last .. do all the things you want to do, dance, travel, see the world, enjoy life and don’t give a fuck about money, it won’t matter when you’re old or dead.

Today is my son’s birthday, 25 years ago he was a skint rabbit in an incubator in a hospital ward, now he’s 6 foot 2 and making his own way in life.

Proud .. you betcha!!

Last week was my daughter Laura’s graduation and she’s working as a nurse ..

See what I did there .. she’ll look after me when I’m old and dithery .. ( what like now – Ed )

Claire has done her higher and will be at Uni soon enough.

So I’ve done my job .. it’s time for me to live the life I didn’t get the chance to when I was younger and married way too young.

If you’ve read my blog, you’ll see that I’m doing not too bad!!

Tonight we celebrate the boy’s birthday with family.

Tomorrow we make the journey south and head off on a cruise around the Mediterranean for 2 weeks of sun and fun.

We did a cruise last year and loved it, but this time it’s for 2 weeks

Can’t wait!

I’ll leave you with a song from my youth, something that inspired me, but I was too afraid to seize a life of adventure then.

I only hope that I instil this in my own kids .. and hopefully I am, see the following and the lyrics below.

On last year’s cruise, Steven and Laura were clubbing till 3am, then Steven came in looking for his swim-shorts.

What are you doing swimming at this time son?

I met a couple of Norwegian Girls dad.

That’s my bhoy!!

Would it be the same for my girls?

That’s another story!! 🙂

BTW The Human League were fantastic at T In The Park last weekend, Looking forward to seeing them later in the year in Glasgow

Take time to see the wonders of the world
To see the things you’ve only ever heard of
Dream life the way you think it ought to be
See things you thought you’d never ever see

Take a cruise to China
Or a train to Spain
Go ’round the world
Again and again
Meet a girl on a boat
Meet a boy on a train
And fall in love
Without the pain

Everybody needs love and adventure
Everybody needs cash to spend
Everybody needs love and affection
Everybody needs 2 or 3 friends

These are the things
These are the things
The things that dreams are made of
These are the things
These are the things
The things that dreams are made of


3 thoughts on “The Things That Dreams Are Made Of ….. #HumanLeague

      1. Morning M,

        I’m up bright and early too.

        Enjoy your travel and adventures, which make you sound like a pirate ha ha (or should that be har har 😀).

        You’ll love that extra week, makes such a difference. It must be yonks since you’ve taken a two week holiday. Have no doubt you’ll return feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

        Have fun,


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