The Platform Lovers – Intuition?

Michelle’s call to the detective agency was disappointing, she’d swithered about getting them involved for a long time but now it was affecting her sleep. She had her suspicions but wanted to know exactly what Charles got up to on his late nights downstairs or on his trips away.

She was sure that that it was more than just watching porn, even although that is what he claimed and she had caught him watching on a few occasions.

Unfortunately, the moment she spoke to their investigator Jim on the phone, she knew that she was dealing with the wrong agency and that they were more interested in o making money from her than investigating her issues.

Jim sounded like the stereo-typical heavy drinking, smokers coughing ex-cop and was clearly the old-school type of investigator, used to dealing with divorce cases, all night stake outs trying to get the photograph that made the case but not sophisticated enough to determine what Charles was up to sitting in their lounge downstairs on his laptop.

This was no use to Michelle’s, Charles barely ever stayed out all night and his weekends away had stopped since he had sacked Geraldine his PA. Her apparent leaving for ~family reason” just wasn’t washing with Michelle and like anything that itches, she just could not help but scratch.

What had mainly put Michelle off Jim’s investigation agency was his upfront and unapologetic demand for expenses, she appreciated that everyone has business expenses, costs needed to be paid, but she had read that a lot of modern detective work can be done online if you know where to look so expected minimal start-up expenses with some preliminary investigative work done for costs only.

Michelle hung up he the call, promising Jim that she would be back in touch if necessary. Thankfully, she’d hidden her number only gave them scant details of her situation in case there was any unwanted comebacks but the call hadn’t filled her with confidence.

Michelle had noticed that Charles guarded his laptop as if it was his most precious possession, locking it in a drawer in his study or in the boot of his car, never leaving it without it and even when Michelle had tried to look at it while he was in the shower, it was locked with a password that she had no chance of guessing.

That only made the itch worse, the more he was evasive, the more Michelle felt that he had something to hide from her.

His evasiveness continued over the following few weeks, making excuses to work late or be out with clients on two occasions.

He said that these were for drinks and a meal, but she had spoken to Lucy in accounts on the pretence that she was looking at someone else’s expenses then stayed later in the office and the checked the last receipts which he had submitted finding that they were time-stamped long before he had came home.

She questioned herself, was she being paranoid?

Was he really just out with clients or was he on the make with some other female?

Charles never came home after midnight, or at least very rarely and always before 12:30, on these occasions he’d come directly to bed apologising for being late then speaking about who he was with, usually some potential client that she had heard of but never met.

But her female intuition told her that he was hiding something, she could feel it gnawing at her, growing like a tumour of mistrust.

But she knew that if she questioned him, he’d make excuses, accuse her of being paranoid, deflect her questions, then play the good husband again until things quietened down to normality, then he’d play his games again.

Somewhere inside, she knew that’s what had happened with Geraldine his PA, but she couldn’t prove it.

She knew that she didn’t want to go through that cycle again. She needed to know what he was up to and the sooner the better.

That’s when she decided to call her family lawyer and arrange a meeting, the family had used the same firm for many years, her father had been friends with the senior partner and she was on good personal terms with his daughter Amanda, perhaps she could recommend an agency capable of a discreet investigation.


I took a couple of days to write that .. a few edits on the sequence and it still feels a bit bitty!!

It’s been a busy week at work and majorly busy at home, packing for my holiday starting on Saturday.

Can’t wait!


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