Box It Up?

Take that polyester shirt you used to love to touch
All the records that we scratched when we drank too much
Al the tickets and the trinkets and the toys and such

And box it up for me

Al the second had books we bought but never read
And the kinky little secrets underneath the bed
The blood sent to tell us our futures dead

Box it up for me

And so it turns out
That we’re exactly who we thought we were
There’s no redemptive ark
There’s no shocking final twist

Just the corniest of clichés
And the ending that everyone predicted
And the fading flavour of the wrong lips kissed

Find that little check dress you wore on holiday
All the letters full of words we could never say
Every tender token we left on display

And box it up for me

All those Polaroid’s you hated of you in the shower
And the picture of us dancing at Blackpool tower
Ever burned out candle
Every dried out flower

Box it up for me

Box it up for me

Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells

I absolutely love that song, came across their melancholic version Cruel summer in the car the other day and bought the 3 track EP from iTunes just to hear how this story ended.

Aidan’s soft but rasping vocal and Bills melancholic haunting piano work so well together.

But it’s the story telling of the content that holds the attention, painting a picture in the mind, becoming more graphic with every phrase, waiting to see where the story goes.

Such a sad circumstance, sad but the writing is expressive and draws you in.

Absolutely love it.

Hope you do too …


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