@TITP2014 – Day 2 @wearejames rule!

This was the day I was looking forward to most.

From first light there was a slight chill in the air, the clouds were moving in and rain was on its way.

No one cared!

Up early, showered shorts and James tee with the blue flower from the 2010 tour with the orchestra of the swans.

The Stranglers got the crowd going banging out the old punk hits. We were down at the front and a few young kids around us knew every word. I love that. I asked one of them if their dad was a fan .. No he hates them …. So he’s a fan-nay then.

Killed a few hours then back down the front for James, they got the crowd going quickly with Come Home wirh Tim in the crowd at the other side of the stage.

For Getting Away With It he was right in front of us. Just love his confidence ability and stage presence.

Finished the show with Laid which had the creowd bouncing and then the lesser known Sometimes, but there were enough fans there to keep the chorus of … Someone’s I look in your eyes and see your soul .. Going after the band has stopped playing.

I absolutely love it, it’s my favourite live song of theirs. A near religious experience.

You have to be there maybe but please do.

Feeling pretty ecstatic it was time for food and drinks.

The rain had started but somehow we hadn’t noticed.

Up in the VIP area, the bar and disco area were jam packed as people sheltered from the rain. But there was enough space on the floor for us.

The Dj was in hits mode mixing songs from the last few decades and playing a minute of each then moving on.

Back down for Pharrell who was disappointing. Nuff said.

Along to the King Tuts tent for The Hunan League who played what the large crowd came to hear. All the biggies.

The rain was heavy by this point and didn’t let up for the rest of the night.

Back out with the jacket on for Paulo Nutini, I was hesitant about this as I reckon he’s overrated and in my opinion I was proven right

He thinks he’s better than he is, played unrecognisable versions of his hits and even my friends who wanted to see him were disappointed.

Calvin Harris and surprise guest Will Smith closed the night and had the crowd jumping to all his hits and the fantastic light show and fireworks.

Clearly giving the crowd what the want has better results.

Walked back to The Residence around half one, stopped in for a totally unnecessary pizza but ravaged it anyway.

Fell asleep soundly with only the briefest thought about how the kids up in the campsite deal with this level of rain.

Woke up today, sun shining and no clouds to be seen still got James in my head …

Sometimes when I look in your eyes I see your soul …



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