@TITP2014 – Day 1

Having a fantastic time at TITP.

The weather yesterday was absolutely fantastic. Spent the morning chilling out on a picnic blanket getting burned and drinking pear cidre.

The atmosphere in the arena was chilled in early afternoon as we wandered round getting a feel of the place. A buzz of excitement was in the air as people enthused about who they wanted to see.

A few highlights for me Imagine Dragons were great and had the crowd jumping with their versions of The Proclaimers 500 miles.

Ellie Goulding a talented stunning sun kissed festival babe. Not really my cup of tea but she rocked the place more than I expected.

But the best was yet to come.

Ed Sheeran one of the most talented individuals I’ve ever seen. On stage solo, no band or backing tapes, using electronic wizardry to start a beat, layer some rhythm then play and sing the melody.

Not only is he musically talented, but his content is strong, considered, thoughtful.

He had the place rocking and everyone seemed to know the words, especially of the campers anthem ..

Here we, here we,
here we … Go!

Caught the last 20 mins of The Manics, fantastic as usual.

Today, it’s grey outside but the sun is warm and hope it burns if the clouds.

Can’t wait to see James one of my most long term favourite bands.

Looking forward to The Stranglers and Paulo Nutini and finish did the night dancing to Calvin Harris.


4 thoughts on “@TITP2014 – Day 1

  1. Enjoy festival M. Was too busy dancing to catch any acts last night (up in aberdeen and partying with my sisters, so chilling this morning too!!). Will watch some later tho, good line up tonight. Hope weather stays good for you all. Gorgeous up here today. Px

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