The Work Life Balance?

Yesterday was my elder daughter’s graduation ceremony. She’s fully qualified and enjoying her job as a nurse.

The complete naivety of youth!

She’s working in the heart attack, stroke and dementia ward at a local hospital and has already been home in tears because a wee man that she was getting to know was unlikely to make it through the night and she wouldn’t see him again.

It’s a tough job and I don’t think that I could do it myself, but she loves it.

Yesterday was about celebrating her achievements.

But sometimes, some people just want to spoil the party.

2 members of my team are on holiday and the other guy was taking his missus to hospital for a check up.

So I thought, I’ll avoid the amateur dramatics the last time I needed a day off to take my dad to hospital and work from home.

This has caused me quite a bit of hassle, they seem to forget that I’m self employed and don’t work for them, I work for me and mine, if they have under-resourced the team so that it doesn’t cover for holidays and personal circumstances then that’s not really my issue.

But I did my bit, logged in from home in the morning, sent them an email saying so, did a little bit of work then hit the shower and got the suit on.

A little bit more work, then travelled over to the other side of the city and held a conference call in the car, as if I’m still at home.

When I got home I had a stinker of an email from some jumped up weedy little pip-squeak that isn’t fit to lace my boots, telling me that taking a day off or working from home without prior notification isn’t acceptable … and including every manager he wanted to impress.

I replied diplomatically appreciating his point, that the appointment couldn’t be avoided and saying that it wouldn’t happen again.

Which is a bit moot as when my contract is up in a couple of weeks time, I’ll be somewhere in the Mediterranean on a large cruise ship.

They’ve offered me a contract extension, but I can’t be bothered with this and going to move on.

Sitting here, beside pip-squeak today, part of me wants to tell him what I think of him, but I’m smiling thinking .. you’ve forgot I’m going to T In The Park tomorrow and then you really won’t have the cover.

Some people take this work sh1t far too serious … it’s not as if anyone has died.

Anyhoo, the graduation ceremony took place in the Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church, a fabulous Gothic building known as Europe’s Baptist Cathedral,

As I sat there waiting for Laura’s turn, I got chatting to the lady beside me, her daughter was in the same class as Laura and she herself is also a nurse at Glasgow’s Neurosurgical.

My mum used to work there and I asked the lady if she knew her, which she did and told me that my mum had trained her when she first started working as a nurse in the ward in 1989.

Not long after Laura started training and just before she passed away, Mum had bought Laura her old school nursing watch, you know the type that they used to wear on their tunics,

I don’t do spooky, this is simply a matter of coincidence, but somehow I felt that it was a wee sign that she watching.

Afterwards, I met up with my ex-wife, did the official pics, went back to mine, did a little bit more work just to play the game then the family including my ex went out for a meal.

Perspective is knowing what is really important and what really doesn’t matter.

I feel sorry for people who let their work rule their lives.

Roll on 5pm, I am so out of here, by 7pm I’ll be in a field in Balado enjoying a beer, looking forward to TITP2014 and this will all be forgotten.

Can’t wait for this on Saturday night


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