The Platform Lovers – Sunny

Some people are just sunny!

The first time I seen her, I thought … Wow!

Of course, it wasn’t really her, it was a complex collection of pixels simulating a two dimensional moment frozen in time of her at a friend’s wedding, drinking bubbly and looking gorgeous, natural, smiley, desirable.

I flicked the image forward on my Smartphone and there she was again, gorgeous, but different, a blue dress and her hair much darker.

For a moment A question crossed my mind asking if this was the same girl, but a couple of flicks back and forward confirmed that her eyes and smile were the same.

Green and beaming respectively.

Girls and their hair!

My eldest daughter changes her shade on a regular basis, although I don’t know why.

She seems to think that her strawberry blonde is unattractive, when in my opinion it suits her best, natural and matches her complexion.

But what do dads know?

Something this dad has learned is that I’ve brought my girls up to be independent, determined and self-sufficient.

And they certainly let me know.

But things seemed to go well with Green Eyes, a couple of online messages later and we’d exchange email addresses.

A couple of long email messages later and we’d exchange mobile numbers.

A couple of late night calls in to the early hours chatting, laughing, putting the world to rights and she wants to meet.


But now the anxiety really starts.

She’s gorgeous, I’m not,

She’s 10 years younger, ten years .. if you’ve had kids, think back from when they were born until their 10th birthday .. its ages.

Think back to what you were like 10 years ago and what you are like now .. no difference eh?!

I thought, why am I worrying, what’s the worst thing that can happen.

So we carried on chatting, text messages and emails during the day, calls at night.

She seems to like the stuff that I gibber about, no idea why!

But time is marching on so better get that date arranged before some other online wiz whisks her away,

A drink on a midweek day .. why give up a weekend night for something that might lead nowhere.

I can’t even remember if that was her suggestion or mine .. probably hers.

The day comes and works tough, I’m running late, so is she, slight delay on the meeting time.

I drive down to her area and arrive at the meeting point but no sign of her.

10 minutes later, still no sign and she’s not answering her mobile.

But as I look up from my phone, she’s standing there, looking gorgeous and smiling her sunny smile.


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