Online Dating – The Betrayers?

Were you watching tv last night?

You may have came across the following excellent documentary on modern day fraud on ITV/STV,  see the links below for information and the show itself.

The show begins with a statement into how fraud is thriving in the current recession,  that it has risen by 34% in the past year and that modern communications has been a factor in increasing the accessibility of the con-men to your heart, home and hard-earned cash.

It then elaborates on four particular individuals who have defrauded their victims to various degrees.

1 – An online dating predator who has conned 30 women out of half a million pounds.

2 – A shyster who conned a Harvard educated property developer out of her million pound investment.

3 – An exceptionally cruel woman pretending to have cancer to con her victims who’s family head is close to the end.

4 -A family member,  a selfish son,  who cons his own family, finally setting the family home alight.

All highly immoral and these people must have no shame,  as the psychologist indicated,  all of them have narcissistic personality disorders were their world revolves around them and everyone else is there to serve a purpose and provide for their indulgences.

I’m sure that we’ve all met people like that and if we’re honest we are all narcissistic to some degree or other, its natural to want things our way,  but we compromise,  because we realise we can’t have it our own way all the time.

But sticking with the online dating scenario,  this guy conned 30 woman of half a million pounds including one woman of 200,00 .. seriously 200,000,  I don’t mean to be harsh,  but don’t you think alarm bells would be ringing if someone asked you for 1 thousand pounds never mind 200 thousand?

I feel sorry for all of these woman,  but watching this particular woman’s tale the old adage came to mind

Fool me once shame on you,  fool me twice shame on me.

I don’t mean to be unkind,  but were do you draw a line on someone who is clearly ripping you off?

He even persuaded one woman to sign her house over to him .. for heavens sake .. I was flabbergasted at the gullibility.

I mean how stupid can you get?

Okay these guys are elaborate con-men,  but give up your hard-earned cash for someone that you barely know .. fuck right off.

If you’ve been online,  you’ll probably have experienced the odd chancer, liar, game player.  The online world is full of them.

From my own experience, I’ve had a few contacts,  generally from outwith the UK,  but a few from in the UK telling me how much they want to meet me and asking for my phone number, email address,  contact details . without any preamble .. even at that point you become suspicious.

All of these con-men ended up in court,  it would be libellous to document and publish their crimes without them being convicted.  They were given a range of sentences from 6 years, serving 3 for the online conman to suspended sentence for the cancer scammer.

The police say that convicting these con-artists is difficult because the victims often do not want to report the crime or its one persons word against the other.

Which begs the question many of these scammers go unreported?   I expect that its much more than you’d expect and certainly a lot less than is reported.

My advice – don’t take everyone at face value and beware of strangers bearing gifts.


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