The Platform Lovers – Parallel ……. #Relationships

Michelle knew he was cheating, she didn’t have any evidence but she just knew it.

It was something in his attitude, the distance between them, the lack of physical contact and affection.

Since their early days, Charles had always been a sexual person. In those first throes of passion he wanted to make love, or fuck as he called it, at least 3 times per night, often more.

That was when she had thought that he wanted her, back when she was young and gullible. Protected by life from her family, attending an all girls private school with very little contact with boys until she met Charles at University.

Even then, He was a charming, good looking man and all the girls wanted him. She knew that he had a reputation as a bad boy, but he always seemed charming with her and her friends like him, possibly one of them a bit closer than she would have like.

Charles had reassured her that it was only flirting and meant nothing, but she wasn’t so sure.

With hindsight, she had closed her eyes, she knew that he was popular and she considered herself blessed when he proposed to her after only 6 months together, so it must have been love, or so she had thought.

She read through the evidence in front of her and thought what a fool I’ve been.

If only the 40 year old Michelle could have a quiet word with her younger self.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic, if you could go back in time and correct those things that we got wrong?

Even if you were only allowed to change one life affecting event, what would you change?


I wouldn’t change a thing!

Well maybe a kiss that I should have taken at the time but the moment was lost in youthful naivety.

I wonder how much my life would have changed if I’d went down that road instead of this current existence?

Maybe in summer parallel universe, that guy is still in love with the first girl of his dreams, while I’m divorced in this.

What a lot of nonsense!

Michelle, was not one to turn a blind eye, she might be old-fashioned and not as glamorous as Geraldine, Charles former PA, but she was as honest and loyal as the day was long and wasn’t half as stupid as Charles liked to think she was.

There was something strange about Geraldine leaving their employment so suddenly. The “official” excuse was family reason but there was something in her eyes, the way she looked at her that made Michelle think that there was more that Geraldine wanted to tell her but she had other reasons, pressure from elsewhere forcing her to keep her story straight.

Michelle couldn’t put her finger on it even when they had an informal chat on the day she left, a quick chat over a coffee while Charles played golf with a potential client.

Michelle asked her if everything was okay, if she had any reason to leave, if she had been harassed?

Geraldine could only nod her head and apologise through her tears insisting that it was because her mother had taken ill suddenly.

But something felt awkward, there was something else, she should have known then that there was more to her relationship with Charles than as a PA.

It made her wonder what he did when he stayed downstairs most evenings and if he wasn’t making love to her she knew for damn sure that he was doing it with someone else.


A wee story today to fit in with Michelle becoming aware of Charles indiscretions.

Short because of work pressure.

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