How To Access US Content Outside the USA ….. @Netflixable

An update on accessing Netflix US content in the UK or anywhere else for that matter.

The availability of content on the US version of Netflix is far superior to that of the UK franchise. Not only do they have a large volume of content 10k movies to 3k in the UK but they also more recent content and content which was made in the UK but isn’t available here.

Previously, it was possible to access this content by making a simple DNS change on your device ( iPad, laptop, playstation ) to fool Netflix into thinking that you are in the US.

However this is o longer possible with the changes that Netflix rolled out a few months ago.

But there is an upside.

My own method is to set up a free VPN service on my iPad which allows me to pretend that I’m in the USA or a range of other countries if necessary.

After starting the VPN on the iPad, I start the Netflix app, which now thinks I’m in the US and make my movie choice.

The nice little bonus of this is that I then airplay the movie to my Appletv box ( 73 quid from Amazon )and watch the movie on the big screen.

My experience is that this works and has negligible buffering.

The following is a review of the Free VPN services available. Please note that some are free to try and some are supported by advertising, however there are some genuine out and out free VPNs if you read carefully.

CyberGhost for example will log you out after 3 hours of usage but that’s fine for watching a movie of an evening and you can log back in immediately.

The following is an excellent comparison of the content available on the various Netflix franchises and has regular updates as new content becomes available.

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